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Gonzalez enters runoff for Mayor of San Francisco
Green Focus staff report
San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez, one of the nation's highest-ranking elected Greens, turned a whirlwind two-month campaign into a runoff finish in the San Francisco mayor's race Nov. 4.

Green Party candidate takes a turn in the debates
quotes from Peter Camejo
Peter Camejo adds substance, spice to gubernatorial recall debates

Green City, Part II: Santa Monica sets the pace for the 21st century
By Kevin McKeown
From the Ferris Wheel to the gray water and the big blue bus, as described in the Fall 2003 issue of Green Focus, Santa Monica's pioneering efforts have made the city an international role model for municipal sustainability. Even after meeting or exceeding many initial targets, Greens realize we have more challenges ahead. Part II looks to the future.

Growing Greens: California Campus Greens meet, discuss how to grow organization, reach voters.
By Michael Morris
Leaders from the California Green Party appeared at the first ever California Campus Greens conference held at San Francisco State University Oct. 24 to 26 to stress the need for the student association to do well.

Next Step: Greens in the Assembly
By Forrest Hill
After the 2002 elections, the Maine Green Party proclaimed they had the highest ranking elected Green in the country. John Eder had been elected to the State House of Representatives, District 31 (Portland), with over 70% of the vote.

Message to Greens: Presidential candidates run in California?s primary
By Stuart Bechman
There's been a lot of interest and anguish over who the Greens are going to run as a U.S. Presidential candidate in 2004, but not a lot of clear information.

The recall
By Peter Miguel Camejo
Because of the Green Party's participation in the recall election we have gained new respect and sympathy from millions of people in California and throughout the United States.

Editorial: Sunflower gathers strength from the roots
by Laura Wells, co-editor
Like picking the petals off a daisy and saying, "He loves me; he loves me not," the Green Party has been having a heart-rending debate for the last several seasons. As Greens pick the petals off the sunflower, we say, "Run hard; don't run; run hard; don't run."

Editorial: Strategies for Diversity Require Diversity
by Karine Megerdoomian, co-editor
Sit in on Green Party gatherings at international, national, state, and local levels, and you are likely to encounter the subject of diversity. And if the discussion moves to strategies for outreach to diverse ethnic and immigrant groups, no single answer will be found. It all depends on the group we are trying to reach. Two main approaches are issues versus campaigns.

The dog and pony shows of corporate politics are history!
By Charmaine Soldat
I'm not a Democrat (although I was for fifty years) or a Republican. Why should I encourage either mostly corrupt political party by voting for dog and pony shows during elections? In between elections I'm still lied to, my pockets picked, my social services reduced or eliminated, and my environment decimated. Our representatives give speeches and diddle with laws to appear as if they're doing something while in office. Out of office they become their bribers' lobbyists, lawyers or consultants. Follow the money trail, folks!

Opinions vary among Green Gals on the 2004 election dilemma
By Charlotte Casey
I'll bet that headline got your attention, right? Good. That's what I was aiming for. I set out to survey some Green activists of the female gender on the burning question-what should be the Green Party position on next year's presidential election. So I focused on my own county, Santa Clara, and got an earful.

GMOs-who decides?
By Jan Edwards
Have we missed something? Do you remember any big demand by consumers for tomatoes having the anti-freeze qualities found in the blood of flounders? Surely we would have noticed if Congress passed a law giving the right to alter and patent all life on this planet to some big corporation.

Proponents of good health prescribe surgery: insurance-ectomy
By Arlen and Jean Comfort
Owing to a dysfunctional health care delivery system, thousands of Americans live sicker and die younger because they lack access to even basic care.

Greens plan 2004 Congressional challenge
By Larry Shoup
Editor's note: In this issue of Green Focus, we will review the Northern California congressional candidates. In our next issue we plan to cover the congressional candidates in Southern California.

Californians elect Greens into local offices
Compiled by staff
Elected offices held by Greens now number 65. (Updated on September 20, 2003)

Adults represent children when voting on ballot initiatives
By Laura Wells
Unions and many other organizations are supporting the Budget Accountability Act which should be on the March 2004 ballot. This will change the "two-thirds to pass" budget gridlock, which now encourages very wealthy legislative districts to hold up budget approval until they get what they want, at the expense of the rest.

David Cobb tells why he seeks the presidential nomination
by David Cobb
Greetings California Green Sisters and Brothers, I am writing to advise you of my efforts to win the Green Party nomination to run for President of the United States. I have filed a Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), created a FEC Candidate Committee, am actively fundraising, and have been traveling the country since late Sept. I have already traveled to 7 states, and will have traveled to over 17 by the end of this year alone.

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