NOTA wins for Governor

In the California primary election, NOTA won a state-wide election for the first time in US history. The result was

• None of the Above - 8.185 votes (46.17%)
• James Selawsky - 3,688 votes (20.81%)
• James Ogle - 2,930 votes (16.53%)
• John Lewallen - 2,923 votes (16.49%)

At the GPCA's January 1994 General Assembly in San Francisco, the party's open/closed primary rule was reinstated for statewide races with a 80.5% vote. Delegates then voted 65% to 35% to close the Governor’s race. This vote fell short of the needed 80% and the race was open as a result. Two candidates filed for Governor with the intention of running - Lewallen and Ogle. A campaign for NOTA was organized in response. An additional candidate - Selawsky, went on the ballot as well, using his ballot message to say that Greens should not be in the race and that Greens should vote NOTA.

During the campaign, a pro-NOTA letter from elected Green City Councilmembers Donna Spring (Berkeley) and Bruce Mast (Albany) was sent out to likely Green voters across the state. A second one listing the endorsement for NOTA by the Green Parties of Alameda, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Sonoma Counties was also sent out.