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Mar 23 2006
Green Party candidates Bill Paparian, Philip Koebel and Ricardo Costa march in Pasadena against Iraq War
Mar 23 2006
Pasadena Weekly opinion piece praising the presence of three Green congressional candidates in the Pasadena area
Nov 5 2005
In November elections, California Greens won five of the seven races they contested. Perhaps the most impressive was Hilary Bradbury-Huang's election to the board of trustees of Pasadena City College.
Feb 22 2002
By Teri H.P. Nguyen, Daily Bruin Contributor Introducing their full slate of candidates for the 2002 state elections, the Green Party of California convened at UCLA over the weekend, where they ate tofu, listened to jazz and got down to politics.
Oct 15 1998
A Russian émigré who was one of the original California Greens, Marc Sharon passed away in West Los Angeles in October, 1998.
Sep 28 1992
COLUMN ONE: Still Green in World of Politics: Sure, there are quirky features - 'vibes watchers' at meetings and a plan for vegetarian meals in jail. There is also stressful infighting. But the state's Green Party has scored some early successes.
Jan 3 1992
Environmentalist Green Party May Have Ballot SpotBy Daniel M. Weintraub | Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times | January 3, 1992