GPCA Spokesperson - Derek Iversen

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Derek Iversen, Los Angeles

Derek Iversen has been a member of the Green Party since 2000. He was inspired to join by Ralph Nader's bold, eloquent and quixotic campaign for the Presidency. Since then, Derek has been active with his local, the Los Angeles Greens, where he has served both as secretary and facilitator. Derek has participated in numerous Green events and meetings, including county council meetings, regional meetings, demonstrations, precinct walking, candidate fundraisers, rallies, candidate training seminars and statewide plenaries. In 2003 he served as full-time campaign manager for the Milosavjlevic Los Angeles city council campaign, where he garnered national attention by winning 21% of the vote against a popular incumbent with deep pockets.

Derek has been arrested twice for civil disobedience: once to help hotel workers in the airport corridor, and once for bicycling, which is another story. Derek currently serves as a California delegate to the Green Party National Committee. By day, Derek writes for an obscure television show called SpongeBob SquarePants. He also heads up a volunteer committee of employees at Nickelodeon who are working to reduce the carbon footprint of their animation studio: it's called "Eco-lodeon." Derek is proud to be a bus rider and bicycle commuter.