Policy and Platform Committee

The Policy and Platform Committee is charged with creating and implementing strategies for GPCA legislative campaigns and the development of the GPCA's Platform. The Committee will:

  • Analyze state-wide initiatives, legislation, and agency court decisions of interest to GPCA, their associated campaigns, post-election results, and Legislature actions, and to summarize courses of action to the General Assembly and Coordinating Committee.
  • Build coalitions with other organizations working on GPCA issues, engage in discussions, and prepare strategies on, and coordinate, issues and events that should be addressed by GPCA.
  • Organize advocacy actions at the State Capitol and support County Organizations advocating before local policymakers.
  • Revise the platform for General/Standing General Assembly voting/discussion including amendments from other GPCA Committees. Seek input and feedback on the platform from experts.
  • Get Involved

    We welcome all registered Green volunteers to join in our work, contact our committee Coordinators to learn about our projects, be added to our email group, or to attend our monthly meetings. Volunteers may apply to the Coordinating Committee to be appointed to this Committee.

    Members (term)

  • Shane Que Hee, Co-Coordinator (11/2022 - 11/2024)
  • Tarik Kanaana (6/2022 - 6/2024)
  • Eric Brooks (9/2022 - 9/2024)
  • Peggy Koteen (2/2021 - 2/2023)