GPCA 2016 statewide candidate questionnaire - Pamela Elizondo, US Senate

1. why campaign as Green: the green party is international, the only way to solve worldwide problems is convince the rich of the profit of spending taxpayer's money restoring Earth & Inhabitants greening it everywhere growing marijuana to produce water & be used for all it's uses. 

OTHER POLITICIANS COMPLAIN & EXPLAIN, I OFFER SOLUTIONS TO STOP GLOBAL WARMING & THE NEED FOR WAR!WE NEED MARIJUANA FARMS, NOT ARMS FOR GASOLINE.EMPLOYMENT, NOT IMPRISONMENT. Paid $15 dollars an hour, a 30 hour work week, a $300 monthly living stipend Equals $27,000 yearly, less than jail or prison creating TAXPAYING CONSUMERS. The money spent attacking Iraq could put Everyone in the USA to work RESTORING OUR EARTH RATHER THAN DESTROYING IT. 

Save the Earth and its inhabitants with 5 simple changes:

1) Charge one-cent Federal, State & County tax every dollar transaction rather then current form of collection for increased tax base.

2) Governments should BUY what they want through private business rather than spend trillions of TAXPAYERS¡¯ war dollars STEALING it.

3) Money now wasted on taxpayers¡¯ NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS (defense spaceresearch, charity to other countries, unneeded building-skyscrapers, sports arenas, governors¡¯ mansions, convention centers) should be diverted grants for existing & future business to be used only for employment, benefits, researching & restoring the Earth.

4) Business & landowners should get tax deductions & exemptions only for each dollar spent on employment, benefits restoring the Earth.

5) Legalize hemp & marijuana, grow everywhere, profit from replacing current source of paper, fossil fuel products, hydro & nuclear energy, unemployment, dirty air, food, water, a failing economy & environment.¡¡DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL FINANCIAL REFORMMany changes should be made to stop wasting TAXPAYERS¡¯ money promoting governmental corruption.Here's a few of mine

1) Stop political profiteering & commensurate fund matching.

2) Stop party politics. Elect representatives for IDEAL rather than LABEL.

3) Stop electoral colleges & political conventions. Let the PEOPLE¡¯S vote count.

4) Public representatives should be allowed to carry out their businesses & meet only the time needed to carry out State & Federal business with commensurate salaries for less time spent.

5) Change all terms to 6 years to cut campaign costs & confusion.

6) Every candidate should get equal media time within district & point of view aired equally everywhere.

7) We should have NO COST ballot access & ballot statement.

8) My ballot designation, ENVIRONMENTAL HEALING ADVOCATE, that which attracts like-thinking voters to vote for me should be my decision, not the SECRETARY OF STATE. Google me...Pamela ElizondoGreen candidateCalifornia state assembly district 2P.O.Box 104Laytonville, Ca. 95454(707) 354-1498email: with pam Elizondo          league of women's voter's smart voter 

3.How will I campaign, build green party of California, campaign goals?    I want to do flea markets in low income areas, sell my non-violent revolution marijuana peace sign shirts, backpacks, decals, hand fans, hopefully with green candidates for each area, attend many forums, cannabis clubs & fests, register green party voters. My campaign goals are to convince the 1% restoring our Earth growing marijuana everywhere with our taxpayer's money is more profitable then destroying it. 

4.What parts green platform most aligned with, what disagree, what improve & how:     We support all needs of the 99% & the 1% when they see the profit from growing marijuana everywhere for all it's uses. Many green members are unaware of the severity of destruction our judicial system DMV, state budget, affects huge multitudes of our population & the huge cost of supporting the judicial system that should be used for employment not imprisonment.    Our platform is way to large, it tells us what needs to be changed but not how. Jill Stein & all others who have achieved ballot access for president have to be respected, but people would pay more attention if solutions were vastly different & simple to read as my platform is. 

5. What qualifies me to be a credible candidate, what assets to those already existing in Green party:     I have obtained ballot access virtually by myself 13 campaigns since 1986, Many who hear my platform agree & register with our party, I have faced many opponents on TV, radio & don't hesitate to point out solutions to problems many politicians refuse to solve to the detriment of the populace. For instance, solving the drought: outlaw watering except 5-6 am no sprinkling to ease drought, grow marijuana everywhere, in our financially profitable olive & almond orchards, our land & water wasting huge tax write off non-profitable vineyards, all agriculture, to produce water, restore the land. See KEET political forum 2014, my vimeo,com/environmental healing with Pam Elizondo, smart  voter. 

6. What are some key organizations, &/or constituencies to outreach, what's my connection to them?    Mexican people, people who've been attacked, bailed, fined, incarcerated for unconstitutional  reasons,[most our prison & jail population], unemployed, elderly who worked all their lives & receive not enough to live on, buy ridiculously high cost food, etc. etc. I'm one of them. 

7.Have I filed for campaign committees got bank account etc.      No, every time I file for ballot access the political reform committee steals my money in one way or another. I don't believe in them, ballot access & statement should be free with 1 or 2 ideas to save Earth, no donations, vote for ideal not label , all platforms given equal media. Stop top two. they should concentrate, as lawyers, judges, public representatives of all ilke on fighting for the constitutional rights of the people rather then profiting from all the misery they cause. we'd live in a utopia with no prisons, jails, expensive courthouse, buildings of power, unemployed,underpaid, destruction of Earth & Inhabitants 

8.Do I believe 3rd parties can succeed in US? how define success?     Probably not the conventional way, but we are getting people in office here & there. If we can make our platform concise & outreach it to other countries who have green success, we may be able to force the USA to go along. I do not believe our votes are even counted here, no way could the corrupt Jerry Brown get 54% the primary election against 12 or 13 opponents. Poor Afganistan  grew grapes instaed of marijuana, the great Bruce Gagnon of Global Network is in Asia trying to stop our military takeover of China & Korea, pushing  solar, wind, tidal power to stop needing oil for power on radio, TV, huge demonstrations. He should be pushing for the GREENING of Earth with marijuana to get those countries out from under the oil company & US military might. 

9 How will I collaborate with other greens on issues, messaging, organizing?     Hopefully Greens campaigning in all areas wll contact me with dates of forums, events we can do info booths, flea & farmer's market to obtain signatures as I plan to do. 

10. Why am I a green?     Refer to number one, I mostly believe in our views to save the Earth & Inhabitants.