Roo Cantada

Oak Tree Park and Recreation District
Nevada City

Roo Cantada, an active broadcaster since 2001, is the current host of Radio Poets Society broadcast from 8-9 pm on alternate Sunday evenings. A poet and performer, as well as an incessant talker, Cantada likes to find things that foster expression of all types. She helped found the Nevada County Poetry Series in 1999, a strong local nonprofit organization that still produces a monthly poetry reading and open mic. She has also created RIDGESTOCK (, a local music festival that is now in its 9th year. The event features many local artists and has a sustainability focus with speakers and vendors.

For employment, Roo works part time as a librarian at her community public k-8 school, where she will work until she dies. She has tons of fun with her students yappin' about books (it doesnt even seem like work!) and she has created a weekly community all ages library.
Her and her husband of ten years, Inti, also run Ferral Ravine Farms, a small scale goat farm and homestead. She really enjoys reading all kinds of fiction, being outside on her 33 acre paradise on the ridge, and playing with her ever adorable toddler, Sophia Bellarose, 3 1/2 and stepdaughter Amanita, 11.