Every person who wants to work is entitled to a job that pays a liveable wage.

Our country's economic system is too dependent on capitalist theories, which include built-in unemployment to, partly, keep labor costs down.
The Green Party calls for a revised employment system:
Support small businesses and cooperatives.
Emphasize local job training programs, a shorter work week and job sharing.
Legislate equal pay for equal work.
Raise the minimum wage to a liveable level.
Pass laws prohibiting hiring and firing decisions based on sexual orientation.
Enforce the anti-trust laws.
Redefine the GNP (Gross National Product) to include services which benefit society but are not presently remunerated; such as birthing, child rearing and homemaking. [see Creating the Right Measurement plank]
Convert to a civilian economy while supporting defense workers during the conversion process. [see Economic Conversion plank]