Native Americans

We recognize the rights of all indigenous peoples worldwide, and we support full self-government on all Indian reservations.

Like many indigenous peoples, Native Americans have been the victims of European colonialism. Today, tribal lands are threatened by oil exploration, mining and toxic poisoning. Native American culture is only meagerly represented in history books.

Sexual violence against indigenous women in the USA has been increasing dramatically. US Government statistics show that Native American Indian women are more likely to be raped than other women, and most of the assaults were perpetrated by non-native men. Many violations of indigenous people go unreported because of the poor response by the authorities.

In addition to the issues raised in the Human Rights /Civil Liberties and Affirmative Action planks, the Green Party supports full rights for Native Americans:

·    Give Native American culture equal weight with European culture in our educational and socialization processes.

·    Support the 500 Years of Resistance Movement which seeks to tell the whole story about the arrival of European culture in the Americas.

·    Recognize treaty rights concerning hunting and fishing at subsistence levels, with catch sizes to be negotiated between tribes and the appropriate government agencies. Native treaty rights should always take precedence over commercial profits and foreign fishing interests.    

·    Recognize Native American claims to ancestral remains and artifacts. Tribes should have full freedom to practice tribal religions on reservations.

·    Ensure full enforcement of sexual assault  laws. 

·    Introduce culturally appropriate educational materials to reservations of indigenous people that deal with what sexual assaults are, measures to prevent them, what to do if assaulted, and what support services are available.

·    Fully fund health facilities and have adequate access for indigenous populations.

·    Oppose oil exploration in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge due to its effect on native tribes, and to its threat to the environment and wildlife.

·    Oppose locating toxic dumps, nuclear tests and other undesirable workings of industrialized society on tribal lands.

·    Oppose the misuse of the criminal justice system, and the use of excessive force, to deny Native Americans their rights.

·    Eliminate barriers to the full involvement of Native Americans in the decisions that will affect them.

·    Support the American Indian Religious Freedom Act.