Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is charged with facilitating all GPCA external communications such as broadcast, media, press, social media and inquiries, including working to:

  • Develop and distribute communication and materials including media releases, social media posts, webpages, flyers, branding and graphics to publicize official GPCA positions, successes, endorsements, GPCA officeholders and appointed officials, and other newsworthy events about GPCA growth and development.
  • Respond to all external inquiries to GPCA and when necessary, refer inquiries to appropriate Committees or individuals.
  • Manage GPCA merchandising and collateral, including budgeting, ordering, storage and shipping.
  • Oversee the GPCA website content and ensure its accuracy.
  • Coordinate Party press conferences, and respond to press inquiries.
  • Support and assist County Green organizations in their media work.
  • Appoint GPCA spokespersons. Spokespersons are not required to be appointed members of this Committee.
  • Designate and train Committee members or volunteers to post to social media and manage platform permissions.
  • Administer, manage, and maintain GPCA websites, databases, and online assets.
  • Manage permissions and access to GPCA online tools and assets and provide training and support according to approved GPCA policies and procedures.
  • Get Involved
    We welcomes all registered Green volunteers to join in our work, contact our committee Coordinators to learn about our projects, be added to our email group, or to attend our monthly meetings. Volunteers may apply to the Coordinating Committee to be appointed to this Committee.

    Members (term)

  • Nassim Nouri, Coordinator, CC Liaison (8/2022 - 8/2024)
  • Charisse Cordero, Member (10/2023-10/2025)
  • Laura Wells, ex-officio member as GPCA Spokesperson (4/2023-4/2027)
  • David Cobb, ex-officio member as GPCA Spokesperson (4/2023-4/2027)