Confirmation: Jared Laiti, Nominee for GPCA Liaison to Secretary of State

Confirmation: Jared Laiti, Nominee for GPCA Liaison to Secretary of State

Presenter: Coordinating Committee

Background: GPCA Bylaws 7-1.11 Liaison to the Secretary of State specify that "The Coordinating Committee shall immediately fill any vacancy in the office of Liaison, subject to the confirmation of the next meeting of the General Assembly." On September 20th, Bill Meyers resigned as GPCA Liaison to Secretary of State. On October 3rd, the Coordinating Committee filled the vacancy by appointing Jared Laiti to serve until the next General Assembly and voted to submit him to the General Assembly for confirmation for the remainder of the 2011-2013 term to which Meyers was appointed on April 30th, 2011 at the GPCA General Assembly.

A list of past GPCA Liaisons can be found here.

Statement of Nominee Jared Laiti:

A Green voter since I became eligible to vote, I am committed to making the Green Party the driving force for the political, economic and environmental changes that are needed for a sustainable and just society. GPCA must embody our 10 Key Values in order to most effectively draw support for them.

I have been active at all levels of the party, including the Sacramento and Sonoma County Councils, the GPCA Coordinating Committee, and the GPUS National Committee. I served as a Co-Coordinator of the GPCA Coordinating Committee. I also am a member of the GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee.

In August, 2005, I received a Bachelor of Arts Magna Cum Laude in Political Science with Distinction from Sonoma State University. My senior thesis focused on the role of third parties in recent US history and their potential for future successes. I graduated as day division valedictorian from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in May, 2010, where I researched the roots of the current global economic crisis and its implications for the 'neo-liberal' economic policies that helped spawn it. I was admitted to the State Bar of California in December, 2010, and currently represent claimants in Social Security Disability proceedings.

I am willing to serve as GPCA Liaison to the Secretary of State to ensure that the will of the grassroots, as expressed through their representatives, is communicated in an accurate and timely manner in compliance with our bylaws and procedures. Since at least 2005, I have served as an observer and contributor to the GPCA Bylaws Committee. During my tenure as a GPCA CC Co-Coordinator, I authored and secured passage of the first formal interpretation of GPCA bylaws under the provisions allowing the CC to do so in cases of dispute or ambiguity. I also understand and am able to implement the Method of Equal Proportions for allocation of GPCA General Assembly delegates as required by the GPCA bylaws, having progressed as far as college-level calculus as a former computer science major.

I am grateful for this opportunity to continue my service to the Green Party and the political movement it represents and hope that you will support my candidacy.