Hosting a General Assembly

Call for Future General Assembly Hosts
The Green Party of California is seeking hosts now for winter and spring 2017 state meetings.  Please ask your County Council to consider hosting one of these important state meetings. Your County Council arranges for the site, food and volunteers. The state party provides the finances.  Whether you're an old or newly organized county -- or even if you have yet to organize, and think that a state meeting will help galvanize your county into action -- we are ready to meet in YOUR county! Most meetings take approximately six months to plan. We have a "Plenary Cookbook"  to guide you through planning process, and personal support from the Agenda Team. Contact the Agenda Team if your county is interested!

Host Committee Resources
Plenary (General Assembly) Planning Cookbook -- Overview for host committees (December 2002) 
Host and Agenda Packet -- Guide for what information the host committee need to provide for the agenda packet
Front Desk Registration and Accreditation Process -- Instructions for host committee on preparing the registration desk [also in .rtf]
Registration Base -- Spread sheet to input online registration data, and model for front desk registration [XLS]
Registration Sheet Sample -- An example of a registration sign-in sheet derived from the online registration data file.
Notetaker Guide -- Guidelines for notetakers at the General Assembly.

Planning and Preparation
Schedule Tool -- Spreadsheet for compiling the agenda schedule [XLS]
Timeline Tool -- Spreadsheet for calculating GAP timeline [XLS] 
Announcements -- Various announcements sent on the Contacts list [TXT]
Decision process handout for delegate orientation: PDF for viewing;  WMF for print documents;  GIF for web 
GPUS delegate election -- Preparations for a delegate election [TXT]
GPUS Ballot -- Ballot for the delegate election [DOC]
OpenSTV Instructions -- Using OpenSTV (V1.5) for at-large elections 

Facilitation and Accreditation
Roll Call -- Used by facilitators to perform a roll call vote or quorum count; includes instructions for determining quorum and the decision making process [PDF]
Delegate Cards & Quorum -- Spread sheet for printing delegate cards customized for each meeting [XLS] (Also includes forms for counting and reporting quorum used by Accreditation Committee.)