Seeking Hosts for 2017-2018 General Assemblies

The  Green Party of California is seeking hosts for two upcoming state General Assemblies:

• Spring 2017 General Assembly, held during May/June 20175. The agenda will include consideration of the GPCA FY2017-2018 budget 

• Winter 2017/2018 General Assembly. The agenda will include candidates and strategy for the 2018 statewide elections.

The General Assembly is the primary decision-making body of the Green Party of California (GPCA) and consists of delegates from each active county organization recognized by the GPCA. The General Assembly generally meets twice a year.

Here is a list of planning resources to help put on a state meeting. Host counties arrange for the site, food and volunteers and financial costs are covered in the annual GPCA budget.

Please contact the State Meeting Planning Committee if your county is interested in being a host. We look forward to meeting with you.


Sanda Everette, Alex Shantz, Co-coordinators
GPCA Coordinating Committee

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