Coordinating Committee minutes, September 10th, 2018

September 10, 2018
7:30PM to 9:30PM

GPCA Coordinating Committee:

Victoria Ashley, Alternate Co-Coordinator
Doug Barnett
Marla Bernstein
Carol Bouldin
June Brashares
Eric Brooks
Maxine Daniel, Co-Coordinator
Sanda Everette
Sadie Fulton
Colt Gonzales
Randy Hicks
Josh Jones
Tarik Kanaana
James Lauderdale
Eric Luna
Lauren Mauricio
Ann Menasche
Mimi Newton
Nassim Nouri
Erik Rydberg
Adam Siegel
Laura Wells

(01) Roll call (2 min)

There are currently 22 committee members. This means quorum is a simple majority of 12.

Present (15) — Carol Bouldin, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Maxine Daniel, Sadie Fulton, Colt Gonzales, Josh Jones, Tarik Kanaana, James Lauderdale, Lauren Mauricio, Ann Menasche, Mimi Newton, Nassim Nouri, Adam Siegel, and Laura Wells.

Absent (7) — Victoria Ashley*, Doug Barnett*, Marla Bernstein*, Sanda Everette*, Randy Hicks, Eric Luna, and Erik Rydberg*.

(Those marked with an asterisk* joined the call later, as noted below.)

The quorum is met with 15 people at 7:37 pm.
(02) Roles (2 min)

Facilitator: June Brashares
Minutes taker: Mimi Newton
Time keeper: Mica Daniel
Vibes Watcher: Laura Wells

Vibes - Laura noted that she will call “Vibes” when someone is dominating the conversation.

No questions or concerns - approved by consensus.


Doug Barnett & Marla Bernstein joined the call at 7:39 pm.

(03) Approval of agenda (5 min)

*Sponsor*: Mica Daniel
*Proposal*: Approve the agenda (draft 2 of the agenda was received from Mica on 9/10/18 at 10:41 am)


Erik Rydberg joined the call at 7:42 pm.

Carol notes that she proposes to add a report from ERWG as a late item. (The note taker did not find it in the preparation of these draft minutes.)

The Agenda — but for the late Items — is approved by consensus.

4 late Agenda Items have been proposed and are discussed as follows:

I. — James Lauderdale’s late item - the Kenneth Mejia Campaign has asked for State Party assistance - there will be a Forum in LA for 3 balloted candidates on Oct. 27th


Vic Ashley joined call at 7:45 pm

James’ late item is allotted 10 Minutes and will be heard after item 11.

Approved by consensus.

8-10 mins max


Sanda Everette joined at 7:47 pm

A suggested amendment is made that the GA Planning item (# II.) (See also Appendix M) could be addressed during item #11. Nassim agrees to accept this proposal.

Approved by consensus.

III. — Eric Brooks - Zoom, Emergency Funding Request
IV. — Eric Brooks - SGA Logistics - 10 -15 mins. Basic questions - current SGA Vote starts Monday

A suggestion is made to push James’ questions back and make Eric’s items 11A1 and 2, respectively, and James’ Item 11B.

Approved by consensus.

And, time allotments for the following late items are discussed and proposed:

11A1 >> Zoom - 5 mins.
11A2 >> SGA Vote - 3 mins.

Approved by consensus.

(04) Decision: Approval of prior month's Minutes (5 min)

*Sponsor*: Mimi Newton
*Proposal*: Approve the minutes for the 8/6/18 meeting as recorded by Mimi Newton
*Reference*: See email from Mimi Newton on 8/24/18 at ~ 11:30 am .

June Brashares - raises 2 corrections

— I. A correction is needed right after the reference to the SGA and Stephen Zollman, there’s a stranded sentence.


— II. Where Mimi wrote “no questions or concerns,” delete those lines - but leave in the part about “Approved by Consensus” - agreed.

Approved, with those changes, by consensus.

(05) Announcement: Consent Calendar (2 min)

*Sponsor*: Mica Daniel
*Background and Purpose*: The consent calendar is intended to pass non-controversial items or items consensed to prior to the actual meeting. Any item may be objected to and that item will be placed at the end of the evening's agenda.
*Proposal*: Accept the following committee reports for inclusion into the meeting minutes

The following Committee/Working Group reports were submitted and will be included into the meeting minutes:
Bylaws - Appendix A
GROW - Appendix B
Clearinghouse - Appendix C

The following Committees/Working Groups did not send reports:
State Meeting Planning

Approved by consensus.

(06) Decision: Appointment of Applicants to the Fundraising Committee (2 mins)

Sponsor(s): Colt Gonzales and Sadie Fulton

Background and Purpose: The fundraising Committee currently has two vacancies and we have two applicants James Young and Sienna Thomas.

Proposal: Appoint James Young and Sienna Thomas to the Fundraising Committee


James Young’s application: See Appendix D
Sienna Thomas’ application: See Appendix E


Approved by consensus.

(07). Decision: Appointment of Applicant to the Bylaws Committee (2 mins)

Sponsor(s): Mica Daniel
Background and Purpose: The Bylaws Committee currently has five vacancies and we have one applicant, Mimi Newton, who is currently the CC’s liaison to the Bylaws Committee.
Proposal: Reappoint Mimi Newton to the Bylaws Committee
Mimi Newton’s application: See Appendix F


Approved by consensus.

(08). Decision: Appointment of Applicant to the IT Committee (2 mins)

Sponsor(s): Mica Daniel
Background and Purpose: The IT Committee currently has two vacancies and we have one applicant Lauren Mauricio.
Proposal: Appoint Lauren Mauricio to the IT Committee
References: Lauren Mauricio's application: See Appendix G

Lauren would rather apply to Media Committee instead of IT Committee & will submit instead an application to be appointed to the Media Committee. This item is withdrawn.

(09). Decision Item: Fill mid-term vacancies of Alternates / SGA Vote Administrators (10 mins)

Sponsor: Mimi Newton, Marin County
Background: A call for candidates to fill the Alternate SGA Vote Administrator vacancies was recently widely distributed throughout the GPCA emails lists in accordance with the CC’s decision at its July 2018 meeting and a clarification about it was made at the CC's August 2018 meeting.
Applications were received from 3 candidates: Lauren Mauricio, Josh Jones and Nicole Raglin.
Lauren Mauricio’s application: See Appendix H
Josh Jones’ application: See Appendix I
Nicole Raglin’s application: See Appendix J

Proposal: Elect Alternates / SGA Vote Administrators with an on-line vote in accordance with Article IV of the Coordinating Committee’s Internal Procedures.

Implementation/Timeline/Resources: Voting period shall begin upon conclusion of the meeting and run through the upcoming Sunday at midnight. It shall be posted with "ONLINE VOTE: [TITLE]" in the subject header of the email.

Article V of the IT Protocol at
Article V. Electronic Vote Administration: See Appendix K

A discussion is held regarding running an online vote.

Sanda Everette offers to run the Vote with voting to start & conclude on a Sunday at midnight.

Approved by consensus.

(10) Subject/Title: CC to send notice about Committee vacancies (10 mins)

Sponsor(s): Mimi Newton, Marin County
Background and Purpose: Last month Mimi Newton brought an item to the CC about sending out a notice regarding Committee vacancies. We decided it should circulate a draft and we could finalize the message at our September CC meeting. Mimi sent the draft message to the CC and Committee Co Cos on August 25, 2018.

Proposal: That the CC send out to wide distribution among California Greens a notice about Standing Committee vacancies.

Implementation/Timeline/Resources: As soon as possible, by CC Co-co.

References: Mimi’s email message to the CC dated August 25, 2018: See Appendix L

Approved by consensus.

(11.) Decision Item: Agenda Items for the Draft Agenda for the Tulare GA (15 mins)

Sponsor(s): Tarik Kanaana, GA Planning Committee
Background and Purpose: The next General Assembly is taking place in Tulare County on the 17th and 18th of November, 2018. The CC received an email on August 27 2018 from Tarik Kanaana that the GA Planning committee should be notified of any agenda items for the Tulare GA by Sept. 10th as a placeholder on the draft agenda. The final versions of these proposals (in this format) are due by Sept. 24th. A first draft of the agenda will be made available by Sept. 28th and submitted to the CC for approval at its October meeting.

Proposal: That the CC decide on what agenda items to submit as placeholders for time on the draft agenda for the Tulare GA.

Implementation/Timeline/Resources: To meet the Sept 10th deadline, immediately after the conclusion of this CC meeting the GA Planning committee should be notified of the agenda items for placeholders on the draft agenda for the Tulare GA.
References: Tarik Kanaana’s email message to the CC dated August 27, 2018

Discussion ensued.

Mica forwarded a list to the CC of suggested items to go on the agenda from Nassim - See Appendix M.

Vic notes that the budget also needs to be on the GA Agenda.

There is a discussion about setting the times for the Budget and Strategic Plan - and a suggestion is made to provide the same time lengths for these items as has been provided at prior GAs.

It is suggested that each person listed next to one of the items on Nassim’s list will be authorized to flesh out the item. It is also proposed that the GA Team work directly with those identified and authorize those folks to talk with Tarik. Each Committee will be responsible for the content due to the Agenda Team by the cut off date.

The question of adding time to this item was discussed but it was suggested that Tarik might follow up with an email message to the CC with additional questions or issues that need to be answered or otherwise resolved before the October CC meeting.

The suggestion to defer additional questions to email was approved by consensus.


Item 11A1
Media Committee Budget Request - $150 To Set Up 'Zoom' Media Account
*Proposal* Decision: Ok the Media Committee using $150 in GPCA funds to set up a ‘Zoom’ media account.
*Background and Purpose* Because the Media Committee is engaged in a lot of social media and online video work, we have been holding all of our Media Committee meetings via an online video media platform called ‘Zoom’. This is working well, but we are currently dependent on using James Young’s personal, private, paid Zoom account to hold the meetings. This is a burden on James and it also puts us in a bind on holding meetings if James is not available. We need to set up a paid GPCA Zoom account to fix this problem, and to also enable us to expand our use of ‘Zoom’ to accomplish a lot more both for GPCA committees and working groups - and to get a new production tool for social media where other platforms like YouTube are becoming problematic because of censorship and other issues.
*NOTE* This is the first budget request made by the Media Committee since it was re-activated two years ago.
*Implementation/Timeline/Resources* Immediately upon passage. The Media Committee will coordinate with the Finance Committee to implement the budget request.
See Zoom at:
A note from the Bylaw about ‘emergency’ funding requests, which closest fits this request:

“Section 7-6 Emergency funding
7-6.1 Requests for disbursal of funds exceeding the amount budgeted for a specific purpose may be made by standing committees and working groups and be considered by the Coordinating Committee on an emergency basis.
7-6.2 To authorize an emergency disbursal the Coordinating Committee must approve of a statement of findings why such an out-of-budget expenditure is in the substantial interest of the party and how it will be paid for, and must forward this approval to the Treasurer. Such findings, along with the amount and to whom shall also be included in the agenda packet of the next General Assembly after the disbursal occurred, and an oral report of the same shall be given to the plenary session on the first day of the General Assembly. Should it occur at the General Assembly in which the annual budget is considered, it should be part of the budget presentation.”

A discussion regarding the proposal was had.

Sanda, Tarik, Mimi, James, Lauren, and Carol have Outstanding Concerns.

Tarik & Lauren are not willing to stand aside.

Eric Brooks - withdraw the proposal.
— — — — — — —

Item 11A2
SGA Vote Logistics

*Proposal* Decision: Discuss and adopt decisions needed to effectively implement September and November 2018 SGA votes

*Background and Purpose* There are a lot of loose ends that need to get organized for the SGA votes in September and November including; making sure all county delegates are properly turned in with contact information by this Friday so that all counties can vote, coordinating the November SGA so that it does not conflict with the November *General Assembly* in Tulare County, appointing new SGA vote administrators, whether all vacant Coordinating Committee seat elections should be lined up on one SGA vote, etc. We need to discuss these SGA vote logistics and adopt any decisions we feel are needed tonight to make sure that they run smoothly.

There is a suggestion regarding the CC simply rescinding its early endorsement of Proposition 10, which occurred during the August 2018 CC meeting, let the SGA vote decide the endorsement, and agree to examine the remaining issues at the October CC meeting.

Discussion ensued.

Approved by consensus.
— — — — — — — — — — —

Item 11B
James Lauderdale Proposal:

Discussion regarding the Kenneth Mejia/ Rudolfo Cortez/ Laura Wells joint campaign event for October 27th. They have requested some specific support.

Nassim - will connect with James about promoting the event and getting support that we can provide to the campaigns.

(12). Decision Item: Motion to Reconstitute Subcommittee on Bylaws Changes regarding Election of CC (20 mins)

Sponsor: Ann Menasche (San Diego) and Carol A. Bouldin (San Bernardino)

Background: At the initiative of Ann Menasche, a subcommittee was established through the Bylaws committee which was assigned to draft final changes in Bylaws (section 8-2.1) regarding the election of the CC to ensure that non-binary identified Greens would not feel inhibited from running for the CC while continuing affirmative action provisions for females. A temporary Bylaw interpretation was previously approved by the SGA to eliminate the separate female and male lists. Mimi Newton was assigned by the Bylaws Committee to be chair and recruited members for the committee. There were originally twelve members of the subcommittee, including two transwomen (one from New York), and three women (Carol, Ann, and Rochelle Glickman) who identify as feminists and who had been critical of elimination of the female list. Most everyone else on the subcommittee had supported the original bylaws change. Two teleconferences were held in which there were strong ideological differences expressed regarding the use and meaning of certain terms ("female", "cis", "born-Female" "assigned female at birth"). In addition, despite agreements ahead of time to act consistently with Green Party values (Grassroots democracy) by maintaining respectful discourse with other Greens on the subcommittee and avoiding name -calling, not only were the feminist members subjected to name-calling, but one of the transgender members sent three threatening and abusive emails to Ann Menasche and then quit the subcommittee. Ironically, despite the disagreements on terminology, the subcommittee had gotten very close to reaching consensus on the specific matter that we were charged to resolve - how to modify the CC election process to meet all concerns. Ann, Carol and Rochelle made a proposal that would continue with the female list (6 positions delegated for females each year) while turning the previous male list of six seats per year into a gender and sex neutral list, with one of the six seats specifically designated for a transgender identified Green. A virtually identical proposal was made by another committee member (who aligned with the majority on the dispute on terminology) that would preserve 6 seats for females and have the other six as gender/sex neutral. But rather than continue our deliberations and make an attempt to reach a consensus, the subcommittee was unilaterally cancelled by Mimi without involving the subcommittee in this decision. Mimi then established a separate process for resolving the issues that excluded Ann, Carol and Rochelle. This arbitrary, undemocratic act was equivalent to directly eliminating minority opinion in the committee and excluding feminist voices from the process, and is therefore in violation of the Ten Key Values of Feminism, Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, and Respect for Diversity. In addition, this action violated 2 of the 4 pillars (social justice and democracy), on which the Green Party is supposed to be founded.

Proposal: The Coordinating Committee under its authority under section 8-2.12 of the Bylaws re-establish the subcommittee to continue its assigned task to address final wording for section 8-2.1. The reconstituted subcommittee will be open to any Green who wishes to participate and make a special effort to include both self-identified feminists who are concerned about maintaining affirmative action for females in the CC election process as well as transgender and non-binary identified Greens so all interests will be adequately represented.

Eric Brooks has an outstanding concern -

Time is up; the meeting is adjourned at 9:30 pm.


Marla and Doug note that they had to switch to a different number from the 323 area code during the call.

Next Meeting: October 1, 2018, 7:30pm

Note that, for November, the CC will NOT meet on November 5th due to the General Election on November 6th, The CC meeting will be postponed by one week so the CC meeting in November will be on Monday November 12, 2018



Appendix A - Monthly Bylaws Committee Report to the GPCA Coordinating Committee

From: The GPCA ByLaws Committee
To: The GPCA Coordinating Committee
Date: September 3, 2018
Submitted By: Mimi Newton, CC Liaison/Co-Co ByLaws Committee

Date of the last ByLaws Committee Meeting: Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Attendees: Gloria Purcell, Steve Breedlove, Mimi Newton*, Adam Siegel, Laura Wells* (quorum met with 5 out of 5 members present.
*Mimi Newton’s and Laura Wells’ terms on the Bylaws Committee are up as of September 2018.

Date of the ByLaws Committee’s next meeting: Sunday, September 16, 2018 at 7:00 pm, Call in number - (515) 739-1271, access code: 753142.

Any significant actions the Committee is taking:
1. Bylaw update to be posted including changes made at June 2018 General Assembly.
2. Discussed Jim Lauderdale’s proposal to bring control over the name “Green Party of California” to the Coordinating Committee and their delegates (eg Media, active counties). This item will be discussed again at the September Bylaws Committee call.
3. Revising the Bylaws - Discussion held about prospect of rewrite-scaled revision - conclusion that it is not currently practical given the committee members’ other obligations, lack of interest/participation from CA Greens and lack of clarity on a unified vision of what to pursue and how to proceed. We agreed a plenary session or workshop would be best, as this is a major change in how the party operates. We agreed Spring GA would be best, as it is after an election season. We also discussed training facilitators as skill development would improve the process.
4. Report on Subcommittee to address gender nonconforming and bylaw mandated gender issues - The subcommittee held one call and several email threads. Trans/nonbinary people were recruited and there was participation by some with National Lavender Caucus, one intersex Green from NY, one trans woman (new Green) from Fresno (who left Group during email exchanges). Discussed question regarding whether any proposal emerging from the process would be excluding a priori the voices needed to reach a just outcome for representation on the CC. Steve and Mimi will follow up per Bylaws Committee’s direction and report back at Sept meeting.
5. Vacancies - Mimi’s term is up but she intends to reapply. Laura’s term expires and she will not seek reappointment.


Appendix B - Monthly GROW Report to the CC

GROW/Grassroots Organizing Working Group
Monthly report - teleconference notes, Tuesday, August 14, 2018
(1) Attendance and Roles
Richard Gomez (Fresno) - FACILITATOR
Laura Wells (Alameda) - NOTES
Jewel Krzywicki (Ventura) - TIMEKEEPER
Anthony Krzywicki (Ventura)
Audra Walton (Monterey)
Christine Pepin (Santa Clara)
Nassim Nouri (Santa Clara)
Sadie Fulton (Yolo)
(2) Follow up on SGA delegate appointments from the counties.
- Counties that turned in their lists of SGA delegates: Butte, Humboldt, Marin, Nevada, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Solano, Tulare
- On the call are people from some missing counties: Alameda, Fresno, Monterey, Ventura
- Laura will send out a notice to the County Councils of the missing counties
(3) Status of activating new counties
- Anthony will email Josh Jones and Sadie Fulton, and Lewis Elbinger for a follow-up on the counties they visited during their June primary campaigns.
(4) Report from the Utah Annual National Meeting (ANM)
- Nassim, Laura and Richard were at the ANM
- In attendance were Chase Iron Eyes with a compelling keynote speech preceding “Dawnland” documentary about cultural survival; Jill Stein; about 2 dozen candidates.
- Inspiring. Many interesting concurrent workshops, practical and strategic, such as a panel about union leaders and rank and file. Plenary sessions about anti-oppression training, ballot access challenges. Successful fundraiser with evening talent show.
- California is considering the ANM in 2020
(5) Bylaws template needed by Monterey County
- Sadie will ask Adam Siegel to send Audra a short Bylaws template that he created for Yolo, that could be copied and revised for Monterey County.
(6) Campaign updates:
- Laura running for Congress, getting great help, and though no Republican in race, getting some gasps from Progressive Democrats
- Anthony running for Ventura school board in city’s first district elections, large hispanic community and non-citizen parents can’t vote
- Laura will send information about SF vote for non-citizens
- Audra talked about the pressures on local elected Greens to conform to the two-party system
- Green Wave Telethon, on the 18th, 10-12noon Pacific Time on Facebook GreenPartyUS page, will raise money for some candidates
(8) Next meeting date, September 11, 7:30pm.

Laura Wells for Congress, District 13


Appendix C - Clearinghouse Committee report of monthly meeting to the GPCA Coordinating Committee

GPCA-Clearinghouse committee summary of 9/5/18 monthly meeting.
Members Present: Mica, Nassim, Michael. Quorum at 3:30
Members Absent: Jewel, Brian
Clearinghouse Committee - Meeting Minutes - Wednesday, Sept. 5th 3 - 4:30 pm
1 - Review of planned Q3 Activities:
- No changes to our plans, all projects moving according to plan, EXCEPT - We are still holding off ordering t-shirts for Finance to confirm that we have our requested half year $1300 budget to proceed. Mica requested CH adjust budget to half year and resubmit to Finance, Nassim forwarded the updated work plan/budget to Mica on 9/6.
- Nassim reported working through IT and in collaboration with Media on implementing an outreach communication plan – Nine blasts have been sent to our database since end of May and the goal is to continue approximately weekly blast until Nov elections.
2- Review of Roles and Responsibilities
- Jewel has taken over responding to inquiries on GPCA phone and directing volunteers.
- Towards the goal of a more even distribution of responsibilities, Nassim requested anther member take on the role of point person for shipping literature, no volunteers.
- CH needs a replacement for Brett as point person for graphics and file layout production, no volunteers.

Nassim Nouri
GPCA-CH co-coordinator
Green Party of Santa Clara County

Appendix D - James Young's Application for Appointment to Fundraising Committee

To whom it all concerns,
I am currently a GP Standing General Assembly Member of Orange County CA and a Media Committee Member of the GP of CA. We have made great strides county wise and state wise, and I believe some of my input may be helpful to help our party evolve and grow in the fundraising committee for all that contribute and run as candidates in our party.
Let's be real...
We need far more attention and exposure to sell 25 million capable voters in CA "on what we can do for them." We can't "sell" them unless we can get to them, and we need to make sure that when we get right up to them via (social media, in person, mainstream etc.) whatever we use to put ourselves in that position - they must understand exactly what we can do for them by all of us knowing exactly what they all [mostly] want, first.
We must and should take whatever action or risk that is available to bring more people to at least notice a party that only has maybe a 1 million registered (across the nation) voters while there are over 200,000,000 (two hundred million) voters ready to vote in the U.S.A. 43% are Dems & 38% are Repubs (the #'s vary, but those %'s are close), and a ton of independents! What is the percentage of Greens - you do the math (see attached). Since 1984 we have not ever had the resources (people, money & especially time) that these other gigantic parties have, so maybe we should shake it up a bit!

Here's the better news...
There are about 20,000,000 million registered voters in California, 90k of them are Greens, 74k Peace & Freedom, 5mil are No Party Preference and a few strays, so there's plenty of fish.
I do have a bit of an idea of what the GP of CA is doing to gain more exposure to the Voting Republic of California to obtain needed resources, again, people, money and time via the MCM, but I'd say there are some things that we may be missing for the fundraising aspect of our party. This is where I'm offering my marketing background to help.
I want to learn as much as I can from the GP of CA FC. With what I learn - I'll better be able to determine what we are doing that is working and what we are not doing that is keeping us from gain far more of the resources I mentioned prior.
Please consider and accept this email as an offer of my services whenever I am available to be a full fledged member of the Green Party Fundraising Committee of CA.
Also, I can hold meetings with my personal Zoom account, which are very helpful.
Mahalo nui loha,
James Young
714 371 8963


Appendix E - Sienna Thomas' Application for Appointment to Fundraising Committee

Good afternoon,

My name is Sienna Thomas and I am a council member of the Riverside County Green Party. I attended my first General Assembly in June which marked my one year anniversary with the Green Party!

I am the founder and organizer of Coachella Valley Solidarity for Standing Rock. We played a key role in organizing rally’s and supply drops from Southern California to Standing Rock. We also organized fundraising events for supplies and monetary assistance to those on the front lines. Since Standing Rock, we now organize and rally for other environmental, social, and economic injustices in the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas.

I’ve been working with Native American youth for more than half my life, as a teacher and mentor in the area of cultural preservation, traditional dance, and the arts.
I was an advisor for United National Indian Tribal Youth (U.N.I.T.Y) for seven years and also an advisor for the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indian Youth Council for five years, in which I helped organize events and fundraising ideas.

I’ve been homeschooling my son since first grade and also volunteer at a homeschool collaborative teaching Native American History, Arts & Crafts; Physical Education, Jewelry Making, and mixed media art. We also do a number of fundraising events for field trips and other events.

My professional background consists of over seven years of purchasing in Federal Government Procurement and Accounts Payable. I also have ten years in Graphic Design.

I am currently perusing my degree in Anthropology and have been giving presentations at local college events on the subjects of diversity, cultural sensitivity, and Native American history and culture.

While attending the June General Assembly I had the opportunity to sit in on the Fundraising Committee group discussion and was inspired by their enthusiasm and knowledge! I believe I would be an excellent candidate for the Green Party Fundraising Committee because I have the experience and the drive. I am eager to contribute my ideas and put in the hard work to make great things happen!

Thank you for your consideration,
Sienna Thomas
Riverside County Council Member


Appendix F - Mimi Newton's Application for Appointment to the Bylaws Committee

Dear Coordinating Committee,
My term on the Bylaws Committee is up this month and I would be willing to serve another term or at least until we have enough other qualified applicants to do the important Bylaws work of the GPCA. So please consider this application for my re-appointment to the Bylaws Committee. I believe we have 5 current vacancies, including mine.

I've been registered with the Greens since approximately 1988, when I was attending law school. I've been a lawyer for 29 years and a government lawyer, with the EPA, for about 24 years. I've been active with the Marin County Greens since 2012. I was elected to a vacant seat on the CC in April of 2016 and was re-elected in June of 2017. I was previously appointed to the Bylaws Committee in 2016 and have been Co-Co and CC Liaison since late 2016.

I’ve attended numerous General Assemblies over the past few years and am familiar with the State Party Bylaws. I’d like to see them made simpler and less bureaucratic.

Mimi Newton
Marin Greens

Appendix G - Lauren Mauricio's Application for Appointment to the IT Committee

Hello CC,

Here is my application for the IT Committee.
Lauren Mauricio
Female (she/her)
Tulare County
I’ve been a member of the Green Party since early 2017. My first formal involvement with the Green Party was when the Green Party of Tulare County elected me to be their GA and SGA delegate to the GPCA last spring. Since then, I have started facilitating GPTC meetings, and I was also recently elected to the GPCA Coordinating Committee.
I would like to further serve the Green Party of California on the IT Committee. I’ve been using computers and the internet since the early to mid ‘90s, I’m currently enrolled in a computer class with my local community college, and I learned basic HTML in 2004, which I am still familiar with. I think I would be a great asset to the IT Committee in helping to keep our GPCA website current and accessible.

Thank you,
Lauren Mauricio
Tulare County


Appendix H - Lauren Mauricio’s Application for Alternate SGA Vote Administrator

From: Lauren Mauricio
Date: Fri, Aug 10, 2018 at 5:16 PM

Lauren Mauricio
Female, woman, she/her pronouns
Tulare County
My name is Lauren Mauricio. I was born and raised in Tulare, CA. I am currently a Liberal Arts student at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA, with the goal of obtaining my teaching credential through CSU Fresno within the next few years.
I became active with the Green Party of Tulare County in late 2016. Since then, I have become one my county's GA/SGA Delegates, our meetings facilitator, and have been elected to the Green Party of California’s Coordinating Committee. My plans for the near future include establishing a Green Party Club on the College of the Sequoias campus. I would be humbled and honored to further serve the GPCA as an Alternate SGA Vote Administrator. Thank you for your consideration.

Lauren Mauricio
Green Party of Tulare County


Appendix I – Josh Jones’ Application for Alternate SGA Vote Administrator

From: Josh Jones
Date: Sun, Aug 12, 2018 at 11:15 PM

Application for Alternate SGA Vote Administrator

Josh Jones
Male, he/him
Yolo County

I was approved to apply for SGA Alternate Vote Administrator by consensus of Yolo County Green Party Council, per Sadie Fulton and the rest of our council.

I was born in Orange County, raised in Orange County, Tehama County, and Inyo County. I've lived in Yolo County for about 10 years now.

In my professional career I've been an accountant, a brick mason, studied geology, was lead research assistant on a geodetic crustal deformation survey team, an author, and a solar electric large-array designer. This last is why I moved to Davis, CA.

I have technical experience in data entry, trouble shooting, data analytics with Excel, content management with WordPress, et al.

In my political, activist, and organizer career I campaigned for the elimination of trans-fats in our food, canvassed for presidential elections, wrote letters to all U.S. Congress Members to adopt Single Payer in 2009, protested Citizens United ruling, protested Monsanto, camped during the winter of 2011/2012 at Occupy Davis for months, and spoke frequently to news crews at that time.

More recently, I helped refound Yolo County Green Party Council(which had lapsed for some years), was later elected to our Council, was elected to the GPCA CC, ran for Governor as the GPCA endorsed candidate, and was elected as a CA Delegate to the GPUS.

I would be honored to further serve the GPCA as an Alternate SGA Vote Administrator.

Thank you,

Josh Jones
Green Party of Yolo County


Appendix J – Nicole Raglin’s Application for Alternate SGA Vote Administrator

From: Nicole Raglin
Date: Sun, Aug 12, 2018 at 4:37 PM
Nicole Raglin
CIS Female of Color
Nevada County (Nevada County Green Party)

I am a new Green (2016), Leftist with Marxist leanings.

I am on the County Council of our local chapter of the California Green Party, and also coordinate Green efforts with other local groups that push for Social Justice. I am also a member of the California IT Committee.

I have Nation Builder experience (I was the primary for our local Bernie Sanders group during the 2016 Primary Election. My duties included maintaining our web presence, light coding for surveys, managing our database and coordinating GOTV efforts utilizing Nation Builder tools. I have some coding experience (Not extensive, but enough to write code for basic functions and alter existing code.). I maintain the Nevada County website and the Website for our local Progressive Alliance.

I am committed to the Green Party and our Ten Key Values. I try to do what I can, when I can. I believe in our collective principals of equality and sustainability. I also believe that the masses are aligned with them as well, they just don't know it yet.
Nicole Raglin


Appendix K - Article V. Electronic Vote Administration of the IT Protocol at

Section 5-1 Standing General Assembly (SGA) Vote Administrators
5-1.1 The Coordinating Committee shall elect a minimum of five nominees (with gender balance and from 5 different counties), subject to 3/5 approval by the Coordinating Committee using ranked choice online voting in accordance with 7-2.4(a) of the GPCA bylaws, with the three highest ranked serving as SGA Vote Administrators to serve simultaneous two-year terms; and the next two ranked individuals to serve as Alternate SGA Vote Administrators for the same term. Terms shall run from June 1 to May 31 beginning in odd-numbered years. (For 2017 only, the CC will vote to approve the SGA Vote Administrators and alternates within one month after the adoption of this provision, by an online ranked choice vote.)

5-1.2 All nominees must be Green Party members and be recommended to the Coordinating Committee by their County Council to be eligible. A call for SGA Vote Administrator applicants shall be sent to the GPCA Inform, GPCA Forum and SGA Votes Email lists by the IT Committee at the direction of the Coordinating Committee, within the first 15 days of April of each odd-numbered year. For 2017 only, the call for SGA Vote Administrator applicants and alternates shall be sent within three (3) calendar days after adoption of this provision.)

5-1.3 In the event that an SGA Vote Administrator or Alternate seat is not filled by rank choice vote, the Coordinating Committee shall conduct an on-line vote to fill the seat(s) in accordance with Article IV of the Coordinating Committee’s Internal Procedures.

5-1.4 In the event of an SGA Vote Administrator mid-term vacancy, an Alternate of the same gender, if possible, shall fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term. If both alternates are the same gender, the Coordinating Committee shall select one at either their next regular meeting or by an online vote.

5-1.5 The Coordinating Committee shall conduct nominations and on-line votes to fill mid-term vacancies of Alternate seat(s) in a gender-balanced manner, and shall call for applicants to fill mid-term vacancies of Alternate seats within three (3) calendar days after becoming aware of the vacated seat(s).

5-1.6 SGA Vote Administrators may be recalled by a 2/3 vote of the SGA. The vote will be placed in the SGA voting queue with expedited process with a two week discussion and one week voting period upon request to the Coordinating Committee by six different SGA delegates from at least four different counties.

5-1.7 Where there is disagreement between SGA Vote Administrators, or a dispute has been filed, over management of SGA voting procedures or results, the threshold for SGA Vote Administrator decision-making shall be 2/3 and no fewer than two Vote Administrators in agreement for resolving the disagreement. If a Vote Administrator is not available an Alternate Administrator shall participate in the decision making in his or her place with the Alternate who shall participate being chosen at random. Quorum for all decisions shall be two.

5-1.8 Vote Administrator management of SGA voting procedures or results may be disputed by any six GPCA delegates, officers, and/or Vote Administrators from at least four different counties by filing a notice of the dispute to the Coordinating Committee, which shall immediately email the notice to the SGA Votes Email list. Vote Administrators shall decide on the dispute within two weeks after the notice of the dispute is filed. A decision by the Vote Administrators over such a dispute may be appealed by any six Green Party California delegates, officers and/or Vote Administrators from at least four different counties by filing a notice of the appeal to the Coordinating Committee. Such appeals shall be noticed by the Coordinating Committee and be voted on within one full month by the SGA, with at least one week allocated for discussion and at least one week allocated for voting by the SGA.


Appendix L - Mimi’s message to the CC dated August 25, 2018.

Dear Coordinating Committee Members (and Standing Committee Co-Co’s)
Here is a DRAFT MESSAGE about vacancies on Standing Committees that I’d like your feedback on before the next CC meeting on Sept. 10, so I can have the final ready for approval at that meeting. There are one or two missing pieces I hope to fill in by then too.
Mimi Newton
Co-Co, Bylaws Committee

Subject: Requesting applications to fill vacancies on GPCA Standing Committees

Dear Friend –
This is to announce a number of vacancies on Green Party of California Standing Committees.

The GPCA Coordinating Committee invites interested and qualified applicants who are ready, willing and able to chip in with the work involved in helping to keep the State Party operating effectively to review the prerequisites for Committee Membership, and submit your applications to today!

Applications should include a statement about both your interest in the Committee and your qualifications.

Currently, the GPCA Standing Committees in which there are vacancies are:
• The Bylaws Committee - 4 vacancies
• The Campaign Fund Support Committee - 6 vacancies
• The Clearinghouse Committee - 3 vacancies
• The Finance Committee - 3 vacancies
• The Fundraising Committee - 2 vacancies
• The Information Technology Committee - 2 vacancies
• The Media Committee - 2 vacancies
• The Platform Committee - 2 vacancies

[NOTE - Do we want to mention either the Budget Committee {} or the State Meeting Agenda/Planning Team {}?]

The commitment involved in being a member of a GPCA Standing Committee varies from committee to committee, but, in general, committees meet approximately monthly via teleconferences and otherwise as necessary to achieve the objectives outlined in their work plans. Committees also endeavor to have “break out sessions” that constitute open meetings during GPCA state meetings. Meetings outside any regular meeting schedule are called with a minimum of two weeks notice to committee members.

The requirements for membership in the Bylaws Committee are found at GPCA Bylaw 9-5.2: “Eligible appointees to the Bylaws Committee must have attended at least one in-person General Assembly within the last five or be a Standing (SGA) Delegate, demonstrate a working knowledge of the Bylaws and Rules and Procedures and apply to the Coordinating Committee for appointment.” For more information about the Bylaws Committee, please visit

The requirements for membership in the Campaign Fund Support Committee are found at GPCA Bylaw 9-7.2(a): “The Campaign [Fund] Support Committee shall consist of six members: two appointed each by the Coordinating Committee, Finance Committee and the Campaigns and Candidates Working Group, each using its own internal procedures for making such appointments. Eligibility is open to all GPCA members, except that Co-coordinators of Committees, Working Groups or the GPUS Delegation are not eligible, nor is any person who is, or who has announced their intention to be, a candidate for elected office (not including County Council), or anyone serving as a campaign manager, treasurer or consultant for such a candidate. . .” Please note that the GPCA Coordinating Committee may only appoint 2 of the Campaign Fund Support Committee’s members. For more information about the Campaign Fund Support Committee, please visit

The requirements for membership in the Clearinghouse Committee are found at GPCA Bylaw 9-6.2: “Eligible appointees to the Clearinghouse Committee must have attended at least one in-person General Assembly within the last five or be a Standing (SGA) Delegate, demonstrate a working knowledge of the Bylaws and Rules and Procedures and apply to the Coordinating Committee for appointment.” For more information about the Clearinghouse Committee, please visit

The requirements applicable to the Finance and Fundraising Committees’ membership and duties are found in the GPCA Fiscal Policy at For more information about the Finance Committee, please visit For more information about the Fundraising Committee, please visit [need a link].

The requirements for membership in the Information Technology Committee are found at GPCA Bylaw 9-10.2: “Any GPCA member is eligible for appointment and members shall be appointed based upon their abilities and qualifications to carry out, the duties and authority of this committee.” For more information about the IT Committee, please visit

The requirements for membership in the Media Committee are found at GPCA Bylaw 9-11.2: “Eligible appointees to the Media Committee must have attended at least one in-person General Assembly within the last five or be a Standing (SGA) Delegate, demonstrate a working knowledge of the Bylaws and Rules and Procedures and apply to the Coordinating Committee for appointment.” For more information about the Media Committee, please visit

The requirements for membership in the Platform Committee are found at GPCA Bylaw 9-12.2: “Eligible appointees to the Platform Committee must have attended at least one General Assembly within the last five or be a Standing (SGA) Delegate, demonstrate a working knowledge of the Bylaws and Rules and Procedures and apply to the Coordinating Committee for appointment.” For more information about the GPCA Platform Committee, please visit

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Maxine Daniel
Co-coordinator, GPCA Coordinating Committee

GPCA Bylaws at
GPCA Fiscal Policy at

— — — — — —

CC Planning for GA - Sponsor: Nassim Nouri (20 mins)
Background and Purpose: In preparation for the Tulare GA in November, the GA Planning Committee has requested that the CC notify them of any agenda items for the Tulare GA by Sept. 10th as a placeholder on the draft agenda. The final proposals for these items are due to the GA planning Committee by Sept. 24th.
The following list of agenda items have been proposed by various committee members:
• Recap of elections - proposed by June
• Recruiting for Committees and Working Groups - proposed by Nassim
• Outreach & Communication Plan - proposed by Nassim
• Bylaws Update - proposed by Mimi
• Woman’s caucus meeting time - proposed by Mimi
• Activists Trainings Workshops - proposed by Sadie

Proposal: Nassim will send the list of items above to the GA Planning Committee as a placeholder for the draft agenda immediately after the CC 9/10 call.

References: Tarik’s message to the CC dated August 27, 2018