State Meeting Planning Committee

The State Meeting Planning Committee is a sub-committee of the Coordinating Committee, charged with general supervision of planning and preparations necessary for conducting GPCA General Assemblies and Gatherings, including to:

 Work with the host committee to identify a venue and stage a meeting in a manner consistent with the Ten Key Values, from supporting green, community-based institutions and workers, to ecological practices in conducting the meeting, to providing healthy vegetarian and vegan food for attendees.

 Work with the host committee to provide logistical details for inclusion in the agenda packet;

 Propose a draft agenda to the Coordinating Committee for inclusion in the agenda packet;

 Propose facilitators to the Coordinating Committee for inclusion in the agenda packet;

 Propose minutes-taker(s) to the Coordinating Committee for approval for all General Assembly sessions; and prior to the commencement of minutes-taking, ensure that minutes-taker(s) are provided the text of the table of contents and all proposals in the draft agenda packet in electronic form. Provide support to the minutes-taker(s) to ensure the draft minutes are produced on-time;

 Ensure a video recording is made of the General Assembly;

 Work with the host committee and the Finance Committee to provide a post-meeting financial report for each General Assembly and Gathering;

 Produce a Post Assembly Report within a week of the conclusion of each General Assembly, containing the date and location of the next state meeting (if one has been scheduled), the agenda submittal deadline, a description the agenda submittal process and a general summary of decisions made at the just concluded General Assembly.

The State Meeting Planning Committee is composed of up to 12 members, with no more than six Coordinating Committee members at any time, each serving one year terms, with six members appointed for terms beginning July 1st and January 1st. All GPCA members are eligible for appointment, although attendance at a prior General Assembly is desired. Additional volunteers may be invited by the committee.

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Current members: Tarik Kanaana

The GPCA Coordinating Committee is responsible for coordinating state party meetings. Since 2003 the Coordinating Committee has appointed its own sub-committee called the General Assembly Planning Committee or 'Agenda Committee' to do much of this work. The name, mission and mandate of this committee has been revised over the years by the Coordinating Committee and today is called the State Meeting Planning Committee.