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LaMarche Calls for Heath Care for All

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LaMarche Calls for Heath Care for All
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Green Party VP Candidate Questions Commitment of other Parties

(Portland, ME) Green Party VP Candidate PatriciaLaMarche today outlined one of her primary goalsfor the Cobb/LaMarche campaign?focusing on familyissues such as a living wage and accessible andaffordable health care?and questioned thecommitment of Republicans and Democrats to thehealth and well being of a majority of America'scitizens: women.

"It is more than a coincidence that these twoparties do not have a woman on the ballot in thepresidential race," said LaMarche. "I think thisis an indication of why issues so important towomen--such as affordable and accessible healthcare and respect and equality in the workplace --aren't addressed by either of these parties thatare funded by the insurance and pharmaceuticalcompanies. The Cobb-LaMarche campaign welcomesthe opportunity to re-open dialogue and debateissues that every American woman and workingfamily face today."

"As a single mother who has witnessed the twinobstacles of unlivable wages and unattainablehealth care coverage, I believe Pat brings aunique, 'real life' perspective to the debate andone that is shared by a majority of workingAmericans," said LaMarche's running mate, GreenParty presidential candidate David Cobb.

LaMarche has spent many years advocating forissues important to working families such asuniversal health care, a living wage and highereducation incentives for income-eligible highschool graduates. The driving force in both herpersonal and political careers has been toprovide a healthy life and better future for herchildren ?- and all children.

"Unlike our Democratic and Republican opponents,Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb andI support universal, single-payer health careunder a national insurance plan which would beadministered locally and privately delivered,"said LaMarche. "Currently, the United Statesspends more money on health care with fewerpeople covered than any other nation. This is abroken system which needs a complete overhaul,"said LaMarche.

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