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The dog and pony shows of corporate politics are history!

In this issue:

Gonzalez enters runoff for Mayor of San Francisco
Green Party candidate takes a turn in the debates
Green City, Part II: Santa Monica sets the pace for the 21st century
Growing Greens: California Campus Greens meet, discuss how to grow organization, reach voters.
Next Step: Greens in the Assembly
Message to Greens: Presidential candidates run in California?s primary
The recall
Editorial: Sunflower gathers strength from the roots
Editorial: Strategies for Diversity Require Diversity
The dog and pony shows of corporate politics are history!
Opinions vary among Green Gals on the 2004 election dilemma
GMOs-who decides?
Proponents of good health prescribe surgery: insurance-ectomy
Greens plan 2004 Congressional challenge
Californians elect Greens into local offices
Adults represent children when voting on ballot initiatives
David Cobb tells why he seeks the presidential nomination
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I'm not a Democrat (although I was for fifty years) or a Republican. Why should I encourage either mostly corrupt political party by voting for dog and pony shows during elections? In between elections I'm still lied to, my pockets picked, my social services reduced or eliminated, and my environment decimated. Our representatives give speeches and diddle with laws to appear as if they're doing something while in office. Out of office they become their bribers' lobbyists, lawyers or consultants. Follow the money trail, folks!

By Charmaine Soldat

There are many independent and other political party candidates just as qualified to represent us in most local, state and national elections. So why don't we know of them? After all, we do own the airwaves-you and me, the Commonwealth.

The ring masters of election circuses are, of course, the Military-Industrial Complex that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of when he left office in the 1960s. The post World War II era was when the War Department was euphemistically renamed Defense Department and socially and fiscally responsible citizens were downsized to irresponsible consumers. American children are now in hock to the tune of $9,000 each.

Charmaine Soldat: 1946 Democrat (above), 2002 Green (below)

Corporations, moneyed special interests, and wannabe elites spend millions of our consumer dollars to bribe the very people we elect to represent us. Who gives them the power? Since 1776 "We the People" do, but. gerrymandered Democratic and Republican representatives have consistently voted against publicly financed elections, proportional representation, popular vote, and instant runoffs to the detriment of "We the People", but in their own self interest. I don't know about you, but I'm not loyal to those who give me the shaft on Tuesdays.

Most businesses of the world are un-incorporated entities that take risks to provide necessary services and worthwhile products to the public, hopefully at a profit. A corporation, however, is a piece of paper that creates a protective association for individuals who want to engage in a business with special protections for themselves and with virtually no responsibility for any harm they do through their business activities.

Unlike Mom and Pop businesses which sink or swim with little or no help from our government, these fictitious characters approach their government "friends" with outstretched upright palms for our tax money to bail them out when beneficial laws, tax breaks and creative accounting don't work. The only corporate victims of subterfuge are the downsized taxpaying unemployed or the people they blow up, maim, or poison.

Who makes corporations? "We the People" do, through a State Charter. And what we the State giveth, we the State can taketh away.

One lesson I learned early in life is that if I keep doing the same thing, I'll keep getting the same results. As this lesson applies to politics, it's obvious to me that the old Democrat-Republican system of representation is no longer viable because, in reality, they have become one political party representing those who pay them the most. I am also appalled by the last national election where a president was selected by a court purchased by his father in a manner reminiscent of a coup d'etat.

For these reasons, among others, I decided to stop excusing their behavior and mine by joining like-minded citizens of the progressive Green Party. The only reason thieves get away with stealing and worse is because we allow it. So, go get 'em!


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