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Californians elect Greens into local offices

In this issue:

Gonzalez enters runoff for Mayor of San Francisco
Green Party candidate takes a turn in the debates
Green City, Part II: Santa Monica sets the pace for the 21st century
Growing Greens: California Campus Greens meet, discuss how to grow organization, reach voters.
Next Step: Greens in the Assembly
Message to Greens: Presidential candidates run in California?s primary
The recall
Editorial: Sunflower gathers strength from the roots
Editorial: Strategies for Diversity Require Diversity
The dog and pony shows of corporate politics are history!
Opinions vary among Green Gals on the 2004 election dilemma
GMOs-who decides?
Proponents of good health prescribe surgery: insurance-ectomy
Greens plan 2004 Congressional challenge
Californians elect Greens into local offices
Adults represent children when voting on ballot initiatives
David Cobb tells why he seeks the presidential nomination
Letters to the Editor
News Clips
Elected offices held by Greens now number 65. (Updated on September 20, 2003)

Compiled by staff

Mayors, City Councils, Board of Supervisors

Matt Gonzalez, President, Board of Supervisors, City/County of San Francisco

Craig Litwin, Mayor, Sebastopol

Bob Ornelas, Mayor, Arcata

Bruce Frohman, Vice-Mayor, Modesto

Christene Mulholland, Vice-Mayor, San Luis Obispo

Alan Drusys, Mayor Pro-Tempore, Yucaipa

Kevin McKeown, Mayor Pro-Tempore, Santa Monica

Larry Barnett, City Council, Sonoma

Bruce Delgado, City Council, Marina

Mike Feinstein, City Council, Santa Monica

Tim Fitzmaurice, City Council, Santa Cruz

Mike Harrington, City Council, Davis

Beth Ingalls, City Council, Truckee

Dave Meserve, City Council, Arcata

Landon Neustadt, City Council, Buelton

Larry Robinson, City Council, Sebastopol

Phil Rockey, City Council, Oakdale

Mark Shoup, City Council, Apple Valley

Lauren Sinott, City Council, Point Arena

Sam Spooner, City Council , Sebastopol

Dona Spring, City Council, Berkeley

Lew Tremaine, City Council, Fairfax

Karl Warkomski, City Council, Aliso Viejo

School and College Boards

Nancy Pearlman, Community College District, Los Angeles

Sarah Lipson, Board of Education, San Francisco

Marc Sanchez, Board of Education, San Francisco

John Selawsky, School Board, Berkeley (Alameda)

Tim Willis, School Board, Santa Cruz

Jim Smith, President, Canyon School Board, Canyon Township (Contra Costa)

Cynthia Strecker, Monte Rio Union School District, Board of Trustees (Sonoma)

Bill Meyers, School Board, Point Arena (Mendocino)

Jose Octavio Rivas, School Board, Lennox (LA)

Gene Meyers, School Board, Chicago Park (Nevada)

Cindy Foxfoot, School Board, Twin Ridges Elementary (Nevada)

DeOnne Noel, School Board, Twin Ridges Elementary (Nevada)

Sandra Ventura Scott, School Board, Twin Ridges Elementary (Nevada)

Paul Franklin, School Board, Live Oak Elementary (Santa Cruz)

Wendy Corlis, School Board, Live Oak Elementary (Santa Cruz)

Herb Gura, School Board, Konocti Unified School District (Lake)

Heidi Silva, School Board, Whitmore Union School District (Shasta)

Jeff Sklar, Rent Control Board, Santa Monica (LA)

Other Elected Offices

Selma Spector, Rent Stabilization Board, Berkeley (Alameda)

Chris Kavanagh, Rent Stabilization Board, Berkeley (Alameda)

Howard Chong, Rent Stabilization Board, Berkeley (Alameda)

Rebecca Kaplan, Transit Board (Alameda and Contra Costa)

Cameron Miller, Water Conservation District Board, Santa Maria Valley (Santa Barbara)

P. Shawn McGraw, Granada Sanitary District (San Mateo )

Paul Perkovic, Montara Sanitary District (San Mateo )

Roberto G. Garcia, Fire District, Penn Valley(Nevada)

William Bretz, Crest/Dehesa/Harrison Canyon/Granite Hill Planning Group (San Diego )

Kathy Wronski, Park & Recreation District, Bear River(Nevada)

Tom Bolema, Town Council, Juniper Hills (Los Angeles )

Robert Kerekes, Town Council, Antelope Hills (Los Angeles )

Rocky Neptun, City Heights Planning Group (San Diego )

Jay Evarts, Julian Planning Group (San Diego )

Kip Krueger, Ocean Beach Planning Group (San Diego )

Doug Zilm, Ocean Beach Planning Group (San Diego )

Sandy Emerson, Midcoast Community Council (San Mateo )

Chuck Kozak, Midcoast Community Council (San Mateo )

Paul Perkovic, Midcoast Community Council (San Mateo )

Sheila Bernard, Grassroots Venice Neighborhood Council, Venice (LA)

Sabrina Venskus, Grassroots Venice Neighborhood Council, Venice (LA)

George C. Nelson, Director, Community Service Area, Edgemont (Riverside)

Nicole Vigeant, Community Services District, Tomales Village (Marin)

James Lamport, Southern Humboldt Hospital District Board (Humboldt)

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