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Press Releases (2011)

06/11/2011 Military claim that Bradley Manning 'mentally unfit' echoes past bias against homosexuals, charge LGBT Greens, marching for alleged WikiLeaks source in Los Angeles Pride Parade Sunday
05/12/2011 School board trustee takes side of teachers at State Capitol, warns long term cost of underfunding schools will be 'even more costly' and the answer is to tax the rich
05/09/2011 Green Party of California joins occupation of State Capitol; backs move to pressure Gov, Legislature to balance budget off backs of millionaires, not the most vulnerable in state
05/05/2011 Green Party of California General Assembly approves novel Tax Reform Plan calling for a 'progressive tax structure' based on 'personal responsibility'
05/02/2011 Green Party of California makes major announcement urging immediate closure of nuclear power plants at Diablo Canyon, San Onofre to 'promote safety' for humans, environment
04/22/2011 Green Party issues grim Earth Day reminder re: BP Spill, Japan nuke disaster; but state's environmental party also provides view of what is needed in the future.
04/19/2011 Green Party of Los Angeles County Recommends Winograd and Chamness in 36th Congressional District
03/24/2011 Green Party of California attacks latest billion-dollar budget cuts to poor, and elderly; Governor's action called 'unconscionable' and lacking 'guts'
03/18/2011 Green Party of California endorses state and national protests Saturday against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; Greens also call for humane treatment, release of WikiLeaks suspect
03/17/2011 Gov. Brown accused of offering 'false choices' about budget, asked if he supports 'human needs or tax breaks for huge corporations' in letter from Green Party state official
03/15/2011 Environmental watchdog, with family in Japan, says U.S. must 'examine' posture toward nuclear power; insists alternatives safer and more economically viable
03/14/2011 Green Party of California sympathizes with Japanese people, expresses concern for safety of California, supports dismantling all nuclear power plants and shift to 'greener, safer power sources'
03/02/2011 Green Party of California throws political muscle behind statewide UC student protests this week, compares actions to young people's role to overthrow of dictator in Egypt
02/24/2011 Green Party of California supports public worker protests in Wisconsin, California and other states; Greens urge more 'pushing back' to preserve workers' rights
02/15/2011 Green Party of California backs protests at Sen. Feinstein's home and office, urges investigation of mistreatment of accused WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning
01/31/2011 Gov. Brown asks for ideas, but Green Party wants to know if he'll listen to 2 ideas to save the state: Oil severance tax and fixing 3-Strikes law
01/31/2011 Green Party warns Brown that, like Egypt, the "have not's" can only take so much; Urge Governor to fix financial crisis by taxing the wealthy as they do the rest of us
01/26/2011 Greens fighting to be heard in Special Election Assembly race; New rules meant to keep Green Party candidates off ballot
01/10/2011 VIDEO RESPONSE TO CA GOVERNOR BUDGET: Governor Fails to take advantage of 'historic opportunity' to fix state budget; continues trend of balancing budget on backs of workers, poor while protecting wealthy special interests
01/04/2011 Gov. Brown missed mark in his inaugural speech, charges Green Party gov candidate; CA poorest should not be asked to shoulder more austerity

Press Releases (2010)


Don't 'dump' social safety net, tax rich not workers, fairer voting system, full healthcare and get state troops out of the wars.
12/14/2010 Green Party criticizes plans by ARB to undercut AB32 to benefit business polluters; Urges ARB to not cost Californians jobs, hurt environment and hike electric rates
11/03/2010 GREEN PARTY POSTS KEY MAYORAL, LOCAL WINS; State and Congressional candidates also garner high vote totals, including more than 20% in South State race
11/01/2010 Green Party of California announces ELECTION NIGHT parties
10/30/2010 Gubernatorial Candidate spends weekend campaigning for votes...and Petition signatures to keep her out of jail
10/29/2010 Green Party lists 34 candidates for federal, local and state offices, including arrested gubernatorial candidate; ELECTION NIGHT parties announced
10/13/2010 Arrested Green Party gubernatorial candidate Laura Wells will fight charges; Calls debate 'fraud,' and the 'real crime' what's happening to California
10/12/2010 Green Party gubernatorial candidate arrested at Governor's Debate; Court on...Election day
09/30/2010 Green Party US Senate candidate backs 'immediate amnesty' for millions of undocumented workers in US
09/22/2010 Democratic, Republican Attorney General candidates not fully qualified to serve California, charges environmental attorney, Green Party candidate Peter Allen
09/16/2010 State Green Party releases positions on state ballot propositions; GPCA supports Prop. 19/marijuana legalization, opposes suspension of clean air laws
09/01/2010 Debatable Debate: Tonight's Boxer, Fiorina Senate debate a 'sham' between multi-millionaires claims Green Party Senate candidate; he's banned from Wednesday event; protest scheduled
08/18/2010 Green Party of California calls Prop. 8 court decision to freeze same-sex marriages until at least December a mistake that prolongs 'agony' for many in state
08/05/2010 Prop. 14 lawsuit backed by Greens; independent party agrees courts should strike down big business-backed measure which misled voters, limits their vote choices
06/09/2010 Greens support lawsuit, consider initiative to nullify Prop. 14; Measure is a clear example of how big money buys California elections, charges Green Party gubernatorial nominee
05/01/2010 Video: Campaign to Defeat Prop 14
04/20/2010 Green Party founder offers to replace Ross Johnson as FPPC commissioner, cites need for fairness in elections, end 'sham' of pretending to fairly regulate election process
03/10/2010 Green Party of California endorses just one ballot measure on June ballot; Proposition 15 would reduce corrupting influence of lobbyists on elections, Greens say
03/05/2010 Green Party of California announces state meeting in San Jose this weekend; party candidates talk about capitalizing on voter dissatisfaction
02/06/2010 Green Party of California marks 20-year anniversary in Berkeley Saturday, says growing voter dissatisfaction justifies the party's relevance today more than ever before
01/27/2010 Former presidential candidate, and 2 state gubernatorial candidates criticize decision granting corporations 'free speech' rights, ability to buy elections in California
01/13/2010 Green Party Assembly candidate garners 13 times party registration in Special Election; Urges winner to adopt Instant Runoff Voting to save taxpayers money
01/08/2010 Governor Budget Response:
Green Party hits governor's protection of the wealthy, while punishing children, elderly and poorest in the state
01/06/2010 RESPONSE TO STATE of the STATE
Governor message falls short of being 'Green,' threatens state's environmental health while wrongly privatizing public jobs, charges Green Party of California

Press Releases (2009)

12/09/2009 Air Resources Board decision to delay diesel emission rules would be 'criminal,' and will cost Californians dearly in lost lives, and medical costs, charges Green Party
12/01/2009 Green Party in California opposes Obama escalation of Afghan War, calls it a 'betrayal' of voters; promises to run more candidates for state, federal office as the true peace party
11/19/2009 Progressive Green reaches runoff in Assembly Special Election in conservative Orange County; criticizes campaign spending, and promises to reinstate public school, university funding
11/18/2009 Greens say Leg Office budget report today should spur voters to consider Green Party candidates over 'status quo' in 2010
11/04/2009 Greens gain majority on Bay Area city council, rack up wins in 6 local races in California in aftermath of Nov. 3 elections
11/03/2009 Greens slam late-night water deal as attempt to build controversial peripheral canal and a 'commodification' of water to benefit the wealthy, and hurts average taxpayer
11/02/2009 Greens could gain majority on Bay Area city council in Tuesday's elections; Green Party seeks to add to 34 state offices, 158 Greens are up for election nationwide
10/22/2009 While Governor stumbles, California water woes continue; Greens suggest 'rational' plan that would cut corporate water use in favor of more conservation
06/05/2009 Assembly candidate says governor wrong on taxes, suggests meeting budget by taxing booze and tobacco, releasing all non-violent prisoners and taxing polluters.
05/26/2009 Green Party calls state Supreme Court decision to uphold Prop. 8 a 'sad day' for justice and equality; put blame not only on GOP, but Democratic Party
05/20/2009 Continue voter revolt: kick the rascals out, urges state Green Party after ballot propositions crushed Tuesday; Green candidates would better serve the people
05/15/2009 Governor making terroristic threats, and may be in delusional state in last ditch effort to intimidate voters to approve 'rotten' May 19 ballot props, charges Green Party.
05/04/2009 Green Party turns thumbs-down to propositions on May 19 ballot, charge plan is 'rotten deal' that only gives voters 'choice' of being shot in arm or leg
01/20/2009 Greens hail President Obama's historic moment, but suggest California Democrats are guilty of the very political transgressions that the President says should end
01/15/2009 Green Party Response to the State of the State Address

Governor should blame himself for budget crisis; he refuses to accept ideas to help the state, and workers because it would hurt his wealthy friends, Green Party asserts
01/09/2009 Democrats blocked legislation holding police accountable for misconduct; political solution may have prevented shooting death of Oakland youth on New Year's Day, charges Green Party

Press Releases (2008)

12/30/2008 California Green/presidential candidate/former member of Congress Cynthia McKinney safe after Israeli gunboat rams humanitarian aid ship headed to Gaza
12/22/2008 State Green Party demands Obama un-invite California pastor Rick Warren to inauguration, suggests President-elect, Democratic Party 'ambiguity' may have helped passage of Prop. 8
12/13/2008 State's 'Green' political party cautiously optimistic about Air Resources Board smog plan, but warns ARB could backslide, killing thousands in state
11/20/2008 Richmond Mayor, Ralph Nader and international dignitaries among those speaking at Public Memorial for Peter Camejo, former Green Party candidate, longtime activist on Sunday
11/19/2008 Schwarzenegger's glitzy eco-conferences, even Obama's video talk may not mean real change; big first step would be to fire ARB chair, suggest Greens
11/14/2008 Green Party of California endorses mass protests Saturday across the nation, and the state against Prop. 8, says it rejects legislation that legalizes a 'hate crime'
11/12/2008 Public Memorial for Peter Camejo, former Green Party gubernatorial candidate, activist, planned for Sunday, Nov. 23
11/07/2008 Governor's tax plan called 'regressive' by Green Party, another hit on working women & men; upping vehicle tax would bring in more money from Arnold's Humvees alone
11/05/2008 State Green Party wins mayor spot, may put 2 on SF Board of Supervisors, and amass at least 5 wins statewide after Tuesday's election
10/31/2008 Greens poised to collect big victories Nov. 4, including two supervisor posts in San Francisco; Just 3 state propositions garner support of Green Party
10/30/2008 Billion dollar profits of Chevron targeted by Greens in Richmond to help youth and the environment; Green Party mayor touts Measure T passage
10/29/2008 Controversial congressional candidate TV ad begins airing linking 9/11, Patriot Act to bailout; Rep. Eshoo attacked on election fraud, 9/11 probe
10/27/2008 PG&E spending millions of dollars to kill San Francisco Prop. H that mandates clean energy, a 'Green Economy Revolution' during dark economic times, charge Greens
09/26/2008 State Green Party, presidential nominee charge Wall Street bailout 'socialism for wealthy,' demand deal include moratorium on foreclosures, other benefits for taxpayers and the public
09/24/2008 Presidential candidate and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney in LA Wednesday; Green Party nominee heads first All-Women-of-Color presidential ticket
09/18/2008 League of Pissed-Off (Young) Voters Awards District 9 First Place Endorsement to Mark Sanchez
09/13/2008 Peter Camejo, social justice activist and Green Party gubernatorial candidate, dies at his Folsom home Saturday after long bout with cancer
09/02/2008 Greens condemn brutal 'police state' raids, arrests of peaceful protesters and journalists outside the GOP convention in St. Paul

Green Party members are among those targeted; trumped-up charges are meant to intimidate and crush political dissent, say Greens, who urge media covering the convention to report the brutal treatment of fellow journalists

Combined effort by local police and Feds reveals that Bush's domestic spy program is aimed at Americans exercising their lawful rights
07/31/2008 Green Party response to Gov Schwarzenegger's cuts: 'Cynical manipulation of dedicated public servants... indifference to promoting visionary policies'
07/22/2008 Green Party SF supervisor helps introduce San Francisco 'Clean Energy Act' ballot measure, declares it has 'scared' power company giant PG&E
07/15/2008 Green Party mourns loss of Dona Spring, Berkeley City Council member since 1992; she's called an 'inspiration' as longest serving Green in office
07/12/2008 Green Party names Californian, former Georgia Congressperson Cynthia McKinney as its candidate for President of United States
06/24/2008 San Francisco Green Party endorses Cindy Sheehan run against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; Greens will be strong ally in longshot bid
06/05/2008 Governor drought decree is shortsighted, doesn't address state climate change, and is a 'boondoggle' for rich, says Green eco-analyst
06/04/2008 Green Party marks another electoral victory, but laments state of elections in the state, and 'pandering' of special interests
05/29/2008 Green Party of California weighs in on eminent domain ballot battle; urges progressive voters to oppose Prop 98, back Prop. 99 in June
05/19/2008 Green Party of California trumpets support for gay marriage decision, asks other political parties where they've been for the past 15 years?
04/30/2008 Green Party congressional candidates "applaud" ILWU work stoppage at SF & West Coast ports on May 1 to protest wars in Iraq, Afghanistan
04/22/2008 EARTH DAY: Green Party elected supervisor, mayor, city councilor, lead battle opposing $74 million state plan to spray pesticides to kill Light Brown Apple Moth
04/09/2008 Green Party candidate's bid for congressional seat falls short, but he says the war, health care and education are still in play
04/07/2008 Green Party State Convention delegates side with "Grandma's house," and not developers in eminent domain duel on June ballot
04/04/2008 Green Party State Convention set for Berkeley Saturday & Sunday; party candidates reveal "Green Answer" to current economic crisis
04/02/2008 Green Party holds state convention in Berkeley, will consider "Green Chemistry," and a total ban on all GMOs, cloned animals
03/13/2008 Green Party of California co-founder Kent Smith dies in Nevada City; Greens mourn his loss
03/04/2008 California Greens wish Matt Gonzalez well as he leaves Green Party to fight for ballot access as VP on Nader independent ticket
02/06/2008 Nader wins California, McKinney leads in Arkansas and Illinois; Greens have problems getting ballots
02/01/2008 Crowded Green Party presidential ballot Tuesday; Five candidates still in hunt for party nomination for President, including Nader and McKinney
01/14/2008 Greens, progressives pack theatre for Presidential Debate, hear 5 hopefuls and Ralph Nader talk about 'hope,' ending Iraq war
01/09/2008 Green Party state-of-state reaction: Governor needs to ignore big donors, and tackle budget problems by looking at energy crisis contracts, prisons, MediCal
01/08/2008 Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney confirm 'A Presidential Debate That Matters' in SF This Sunday; Cindy Sheehan will moderate
01/02/2008 Greens announce 'A Presidential Debate That Matters' Jan. 13; diverse ballot includes former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader; Cindy Sheehan will co-moderate

Press Releases (2007)

12/28/2007 A 'Green' Year in Review: Green Party of California marks 2007 electoral gains, separates from 'major' parties by positions solidly against war, for impeachment, workers & planet
12/21/2007 In the spirit of the season: Amnesty should be given to military who refused to fight the "unjust" war in Iraq, urges Green Party of California
12/10/2007 Democratic Party state leadership urged by Greens to lean on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to learn the truth about her complicity in CIA torture
12/07/2007 International Greens issue declaration on global warming, California Green Party charges Gov. Schwarzenegger plays "shell game in effort to cloak himself green"
12/06/2007 Former Democratic congressperson Cynthia McKinney joins Ralph Nader and 5 others on Green Party presidential ballot in California
11/30/2007 Dems, GOP 'fiddle while Rome (health care system) burns' charge Greens; note that tens of millions of Californians face winter season without even basic health care
08/23/2007 Green candidate garners nine times party's district voter registration in Special Congressional Election Tuesday; Promises to 'keep eye' on Democratic Party winner
08/21/2007 Democratic Party sacrificed the planet, children to appease Republicans, get credit for budget deal, charges Green Party of California
08/14/2007 Democratic members of House pressed by Greens, others in their home districts to sign pledge to stop funding the war; Lawmakers refuse, arrest visitors
08/08/2007 Greens support decertification of voting machines, call for greater reforms to restore 'voter confidence,' including giving 17-year-olds, immigrants right to vote
07/18/2007 Greens spearhead impeachment work, praise West Hollywood vote to impeach Bush/Cheney; U.S., state Greens called for impeachment as far back as 2003
06/29/2007 Green Party congressional candidate qualifies for runoff, focuses campaign on ending war in Iraq, creating 'urban sustainability' program in his district
06/21/2007 Green Party of California denounces prison expansion; Urges state officials to seek comprehensive reform instead
06/20/2007 Schwarzenegger's resurrection of an antiquated plan for the Delta is the wrong solution for the wrong problem, says Green Party
06/13/2007 Green Party member and San Francisco Supervisor asks Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to help end US trade deals that hurt workers and environment
06/12/2007 Greens welcome Michael Moore, and film "Sicko," but wonder why Dems are not "universally" behind Sen. Sheila Kuehl"s universal health care legislation
05/24/2007 Green Party of California holds State Convention in S.F. this weekend; Voting, presidential politics, immigration reform among issues to be debated
05/23/2007 Green joins crowded field in 37th Congressional District Special Election; War, climate change among major issues candidate will address
05/07/2007 Greens denounce "heinous" targeting of "marginalized, disenfranchised" at May Day immigrant rights rally, call for "community commission" to probe LAPD
05/03/2007 Greens condemn "brazen brutality" by police at Los Angeles immigration rights march, charge police targeting "marginalized and disenfranchised"
04/27/2007 CA Greens endorse nationwide impeachment actions Saturday; State Party approved 2006 resolution calling for removal of Bush, Cheney, Gonzales
04/20/2007 Green Party lawmaker leads fight to provide half of power to San Francisco from solar, wind
04/16/2007 Greens strongly condemn legislation to restore "Nuclear Dracula" in California; Urge defeat of bill to bring back nuclear power
04/11/2007 Greens back cloned-animal labeling bill, explain measure necessary to protect state consumers from "potentially dangerous" food
04/05/2007 Greens blast Perata Iraq pullout resolution as a "self-serving" scheme to repair Democrats' image as party that calls for peace, but funds war
03/30/2007 California Greens celebrate Cesar Chavez legacy as Latino leader and his non-violent struggle for social justice; Greens also note some state schools avoid holiday
03/27/2007 San Francisco becomes the first city in nation to ban plastic bags; Green Party supervisor leads fights to save planet, marine life
03/19/2007 On 4th anniversary of Iraq War, Democrats fail to deliver for state voters, and troops, charge Greens; Hundreds of Californians among dead
02/01/2007 Early CA presidential primary hurts voters, turns primary into even more of a 'big bucks' contest that limits ballot box choice, charge Greens
01/10/2007 Greens state-of-state reaction: Schwarzenegger plan can't succeed without taking big money out of state politics, Greens contend
01/09/2007 Governor's health plan step in right direction, but universal coverage doomed because politicos too 'in debt' to powerful special interests, say Greens

Press Releases (2006)

12/29/2006 2006 was very good year for Green Party of California, which cemented its position as alternative political party for dissatisfied voters
12/19/2006 'Scrooge' Democratic Party healthcare plan doesn't show much charity this holiday season, notes Green Party of California
12/08/2006 Green Party challengers urge soon-to-be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to impeach Bush for 'crimes against humanity,' note Pelosi's failure to support impeachment is betrayal of voters
12/05/2006 Greens urge end to holiday fur sales, charge cruel practice bad for the environment, animals and Third World children recruited to kill fur-bearing animals
11/29/2006 Another Green Party candidate pulls upset over incumbent, claims thin win in college board race; Follows Green victory in Richmond mayor election
11/08/2006 Green Party candidate upsets incumbent in Richmond, becomes first elected Green mayor in state; Victory underscores major party gains
11/07/2006 Green Party of California predicts Iraq war discontent will help increase vote for Green candidates today, add to 61 already in office
10/09/2006 Green Party of California strongly protests exclusion of Green candidates from debates, including Saturday's gubernatorial 'yawnfest'
09/13/06 Green Party supports right of non-citizen immigrants to vote; Greens also pass planks to protect planet, give elderly right to 'assisted suicide'
08/22/06 Democrats should be 'ashamed' for abandoning state's lowest paid workers in minimum wage plan, charge Green Party candidates
08/18/06 Pro-war Democrats 'cowards,' Greens charge; Lawmakers ignore pleas of mothers of dead soldiers, refuse to support measure calling for return of National Guard from Iraq
08/03/06 Reported suicides of injured workers mark 'crisis' in Workers' Comp system, charge Green Party candidates, who call for firing of Dept. of Insurance fraud chief for 'bias'
07/21/06 Greens, social justice activists will 'crash' Bohemian Club gathering this weekend; Colin Powell is among the targets
07/20/06 Democratic Party leadership accused of 'race and class bias' by black gubernatorial candidate Barbara Becnel; She re-registers with Green Party
06/29/06 Story of Green Party candidate's uphill battle to topple most powerful woman in Congress over war in Iraq opens in San Francisco
06/27/06 Green Party of California delegates at state convention vote to impeach Bush and others for roles in Iraq war, attacks on civil liberties at home
06/22/06 Greens decry defeat of public financing bill, note measure would have gone a long way to reducing power of special interests in elections
06/13/06 Greens condemn mass arrests, bulldozers at nation's largest urban farm; Demand city officials intervene to help community farmers
06/07/06 Green Party of California Chooses State, Federal Slate
06/05/06 Green Party of California fields strong Primary slate, plans to add to the 59 members already in office; Three Greens bid for US Senate nomination
06/02/06 Minimum wage legislation by Democrats is an 'insult' to the state's low-wage earners, example of election year politics, argue Greens
05/25/06 California Greens join celebrities, tree-sitters in 'solidarity' with South Central LA farmers trying to save nation's largest urban farm
05/19/06 Green Party of California warns attacks on immigrants taking place in the heart of Los Angeles, not just Congress and at the border
05/16/06 Use of National Guard to militarize border sends wrong signal, won't resolve immigration situation, say Green Party congressional candidates
05/10/06 Sen. Feinstein support for Bush CIA choice is just another reason California voters should abandon her, charge three Green Party candidates
04/30/06 Green Party of California fully endorses May 1 immigrant rights rallies; Chastise Democrats for not supporting boycott, full legalization
04/21/06 Greens endorse Earth Day celebrations Saturday, mass demonstrations against President Bush's appearances in California this weekend
04/19/06 Greens testify for legislation to reduce power of special interests in elections, qualify all parties for public financing of campaigns
04/14/06 Lt. Governor candidate expresses sympathy for youth who killed himself after he was threatened by school for organizing an immigrant rights march
04/10/06 Greens voice full support for Monday's immigration rights marches, rallies; Suggest legislation for amnesty, equality for immigrants
03/28/06 Rep. Eshoo office targeted by Congressional candidate, Santa Clara Greens Tuesday; Group will demand incumbent support resolution calling for Bush impeachment over war, 9/11
03/27/06 Green Party US Senate hopefuls charge today's Senate changes in immigrant legislation don't go far enough, call for ‘amnesty, equality'
03/19/06 Green Party candidates call for change: Petaluma gatherers say electoral overhaul needed to break 2-party system
03/16/06 Protection in the courts for millions of Californians with language barriers long past due, according to Green Party of California spokesperson
03/10/06 Green Party of California backs measure to reform ‘3 Strikes' law, calls current law ‘unfair and cruel' to families of those wrongly incarcerated
03/09/06 Green Party says it will stand in solidarity with South Central community farmers against urban farm eviction and ‘environmental racism'
02/20/06 Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales should be impeached, county Greens declare; Green-led S.F. Supervisor panel also calls for impeachment
02/13/06 Green Party activists help shut down bid by Wal-Mart to build ‘Supercenter' in a small community near San Francisco
02/10/06 Cindy Sheehan's decision not to run for US Senate leaves Green Party candidates as the only real option for millions of California voters opposed to the war in Iraq
02/03/06 Green Party of California expresses outrage at expulsion by Secretary of State of Peace & Freedom Party from ballot
02/01/06 Greens express support for Legislature's rebuke of PATRIOT Act just days before Congress expected to debate the re-authorization of the controversial law
01/17/06Green Parliament members in Austria seek revocation of Schwarzenegger's citizenship for allowing executions; California Greens back action
01/15/06Green Party cites ?humane treatment' in call for moratorium on death penalty on eve of execution of blind man in wheelchair
01/05/06Response to State-of-the-State: Green Party says Governor, Democratic Party not offering ?real reform' to Californians

Press Releases (2005)

12/30/05Green Party of California tabs Schwarzenegger, Bush as 2005 ?Bad Guys,' lists Cindy Sheehan, Green activist killed in Iraq among ?Heroes'
12/12/05Green Party of California denounces death penalty, governor's ?unwise' decision to not spare the life of ?Tookie' Williams
12/07/05Green candidate vote nearly triples party registration in 48th congressional special election; Bea Tiritilli finishes fourth
12/06/05Green Party of California asks the governor to spare life of Stanley ?Tookie' Williams at upcoming clemency hearing date
11/23/05Greens ask post-Thanksgiving shoppers to consider ?Buy Nothing Day,' ethical and environmental consequences of consumerism
11/04/05Greens win four seats in California Nov. 8, now hold 66 seats in state; Green Party candidates win 19 races across U.S.
11/08/05No matter what the results Tuesday night, Greens charge initiative process as ?manipulated' by ?big-monied interests' to control state's voters
10/26/05Greens join mourning of 2,000 U.S. war dead in Iraq; Blame both Republican, Democratic parties for sanctioning killings
10/25/05Governor ducks property tax question, happy to shift tax burden to working people to benefit corporate land holders, say Greens
10/21/05Green Party of California first to endorse initiative to dramatically increase state minimum wage to help ?working poor'
09/30/05Greens join in chorus of other progressives to condemn governor's unfair, late night veto of same-sex marriage legislation
09/01/05Green Party supports solar legislation, calls ?green energy' a ?human right' and backs labor livable wage demand for workers
08/26/05Six arrested at state office distributing union newsletters; Green Party says it's more proof Schwarzenegger is anti-worker
08/25/05Greens defend Cindy Sheehan vigil, call war proponents - expected Saturday - ?vicious attack dogs set loose by radical right'
08/03/05Greens mourn loss of Marine lives in Iraq, urge cities, counties to also consider loss of funds that could save lives at home
07/23/05Governor's ?pet project' deserved the axe, note Greens, who give superior court judge a ?Green for a Day' award
06/30/05Greens second call for immediate probe of California National Guard after emails disclose spying on anti-war groups at Capitol
06/24/05Greens praise not guilty verdict by jury in case of SF peace activist arrested at Bush protest at GOP convention
06/20/05Greens join critics of FBI harassment of Muslim community in Lodi terror probe; Camejo says ?Christian Taliban' responsible
06/13/05Special election is governor's ?great battle' in an economic war against the working people of state, charge Greens
06/08/05Green Party, Mexican-American advocacy group praise legislation noting state's role in illegal deportation of citizens of Mexican descent
06/01/05Green Party of California applauds passage of universal health care bill in Senate; Urges Assembly, Governor to ignore special interests
05/30/05Green Party of California honors war dead, cautions troops should be withdrawn from Iraq, Afghanistan to avoid ?more loss'
05/20/05Green Party of California to hold state convention in Sylmar, will consider initiative to ?dramatically' raise California minimum wage
05/16/05Cal-EPA agrees to lead clean-up of highly toxic, possibly lethal San Francisco Bay sites after pressure by Green city council member
04/29/05Longtime Napa City Councilmember re-registers with Green Party, says he's ?disgusted' with GOP, Democratic parties
04/18/05Green Party of California mourns the loss of "activist's activist" Marla Ruzicka in Iraq
04/14/05Green Party of California applauds bold universal health care plan designed to lower costs, cover all state residents
04/14/05Green Party supports Thursday strike set by low-wage workers at the University of California,asks UC to bargain in good faith
04/13/05Greens join civil libertarians to criticize legislation that could automatically expel students for participating in campus protests
04/08/05Senate committee passes bill to protect ?voter intent'; Green Party congressional candidate praises ?common sense' measure
04/07/05Green Party says governor really only half right in surprise decision to drop plan to privatize public employee pension system
04/06/05Senate holds key hearing on ?more democratic' voting system; Green Party, consumer groups back ?preferential voting'
04/05/05Green Party of California officially endorses Senate health care legislation designed to provide coverage for all state residents
03/31/05California Greens celebrate the ?legacy' of Cesar Chavez, honor his sacrifices, commitment to peace, social justice
03/23/05California Greens denounce ?heartless scheme' by Schwarzenegger administration to collect assets of elderly Medi-Cal patients
03/14/05Green Party of California praises court ruling Monday that marriages cannot be limited to a man and woman
03/07/05Green Party candidates poised to win 2 elections, qualify for congressional runoff in Tuesday special elections
03/02/05Governor initiative plan is shortsighted, will harm children, workers in the long run, says Green Party of California
02/28/05State Green Party throws support behind ?Industrial Hemp' bill at Capitol; Hemp hailed as more environmentally safe
02/18/05Green city council votes for cop car hybrids as Bush Administration cops-out of world greenhouse emissions Kyoto Treaty
02/15/05Bush $82 billion war fund request targets those in need at home, says Green Party congressional candidate
02/14/05Green Party of California applauds bold universal health care plan designed to lower costs, cover all state residents
01/05/05RESPONSE TO STATE-OF-THE-STATE: Green Party says Governor favors his own special interests over the people; Vows to fight Schwarzenegger's ?extremist' views
01/04/05Green Party of California demands Senators Boxer, Feinstein ?challenge the legitimacy' of Ohio Electoral College delegation

Press Releases (2004 and Earlier)

12/31/04Green Party of California releases 2004 ?Top 10 Green Events' list; Includes Nobel Peace Prize winner, election gains
12/28/04Green Party of California affirms support for reproductive rights, claims Democrats abandoning pro-choice values for votes
12/14/04160,000 Green Voters, Others Urged to Support ?Dark Monday' Gasoline Boycott, Protest of Immigrant Driver's License Denial
12/07/04Green Party of California voices support for presidential recounts in Ohio, elsewhere; Jesse Jackson, Rep. Kucinich also back efforts
11/30/04US Supreme Court refuses to hear voter fraud case in SF congressional race; Dooms chances for write-in candidate for San Diego mayor
11/29/04State Green Party claims additional wins from Nov. 2 election; Greens takes control of 2 city councils, make big gains elsewhere
11/11/04Green & Libertarian Presidential Candidates to Demand Ohio Recount
11/10/04Green Party Praises ?Ranked Choice Voting' Success in San Francisco; Saves $3 Million, Gives Voters More Choices at Ballot Box
11/04/0414 Greens claim victory in California Tuesday; Green Party takes control of 2 city councils, makes big gains elsewhere
11/03/04Green Party hails defeat of ?limited choice' primary measure, says current system will preserve rights of voters
10/27/04Green candidates get boost for Nov. 2: President of major Latino political group urges voters to look for ?Greener pastures'
10/21/04Green Party of California announces its recommendations for state ballot measures; Greens charge Prop. 62 most dangerous of all
10/19/04Presidential candidate joins SF Green Party candidates Tuesday; Attacks on Green candidates focus of briefing
10/18/04Green Party military vets/candidates voice support for Army platoon's ?disobedience' in Iraq; Blame Congress, President
10/07/04State Green Party calls House vote on draft an election year ?trick' to deceive voters, protect incumbents; Draft still a threat
10/04/04Large state Latino political group shuns Democrats, leaves door open for support of Green for President, other elected seats
09/21/04Anti-Draft ?Teach-In' scheduled in Sacramento Tuesday; students advised by experts Iraq War draft is ?inevitable'
09/20/04A state first: Former Democratic,GOP candidates abandon their own parties, endorse Green in CA congressional race
09/11/04Green Party blasts politicized Sept. 11 House resolution, says language linking Iraq to terrorist attacks 'wrongheaded'
09/09/04Greens mourn 1,000 U.S. war dead tonight; insist Democrats must share ?guilt' for Iraq ?war crimes' with the Bush Administration
09/08/04Major Mexican-American political leader re-registers, urges statewide Latino support for Green Party candidates in Fall elections
09/07/04California Green Party, candidates condemn federal raids, prosecution of state's medicinal marijuana farms
09/06/04Green congressional candidate arrested at labor protest; state party calls for living wage, universal health care, worker benefits
09/03/04SF Green identified as protestor arrested during Bush acceptance speech; CA Greens criticize abusive treatment of demonstrators
08/31/04State Green Party candidates describe GOP convention as nothing more than ?fascist infomercial;' say real story is in the streets
08/26/04CA Supreme Court refuses to intervene; Green Party congressional candidate excluded from SF November ballot
08/24/04California Green Party Mourns Loss of Progressive Activist and Scholar; Died of West Nile Virus on Friday
08/23/04Labor's Frustration with Majority Parties Leads to ?Million Worker March' in October; CA Green Party Signs on as Event Sponsor
08/20/04Opinion Polls Indicate Most Voters Agree with Green Party Congressional Candidates, not Dems/GOP on Opposition to War in Iraq
08/17/04California Greens Support Joint Resolution to Repeal Major Parts of Controversial USA PATRIOT Act in State
08/13/04State Green Party Strongly Criticizes CA Supreme Court Ruling to Invalidate Thousands of State Same-Sex Marriages
08/11/04GPCA Turns Down Nader; Refuses to Convene Special General Assembly to Consider New Ticket
08/09/04Green Party Urges Swift Passage of Immigrant Driver's License Measure as ?Compassionate,' Safe Solution
07/27/04State Green Party candidates criticize Democratic convention platform for supporting Iraq War, PATRIOT Act
07/23/04Green Party says Sept. 11 commission misses mark, will not help end terrorism; Democrats ?asleep at the wheel' on 9/11
07/22/04Green Party backs lawsuit against nation's big power suppliers for emitting dangerous greenhouse gases, charge more must be done
07/21/04Fahrenheit 9/11's Michael Moore Backs Green Candidate Over War Democrat In Key State Congressional Race
07/12/04Congress Fails to Amend USA PATRIOT Act; Democrats Share Blame for Erosion of Civil Liberties, Charges Green Party
07/09/04Greens Applaud Nader, Dean Support of Instant Runoff Voting ?Solution' During National Debate
06/27/04Green Party Taps David Cobb as its Presidential Candidate
06/26/04No Nominee Yet at Green Party Nominating Convention Saturday; Cobb, Camejo/Nader Factions Lead
06/25/04Greens Back Constitutional Amendment to Guarantee Right of Political Parties to Run General Election Candidates
06/24/04California Delegates to Play 'Key' Role at Green Party National Convention This Week; Presidential Nominee Still Mystery
06/09/04Matt Gonzalez Campaign Consultant Named One of the Nation's ?Rising Stars' by Leading Political Campaign Magazine
06/08/04California Green Party Decisions Leave Door Open for Nader Endorsement at National Convention; Green Candidate Also Possible
05/27/04State Green Party Condemns Torching of Pro-Palestinian Display at University, Administration's War on Muslims
05/06/04Public financing bill would discriminate against all except GOP & Democratic Parties, charges Green Party
04/13/04Green Party Endorses Legislation Giving Voters Opportunity to Allow 17-Year-Olds to Vote in Primaries
03/30/04Green Party Challenges Bush, Major Parties; Becomes 1st to Include Full Civil Rights for All Sexual Minorities
03/02/04Camejo Wins Presidential Nod; Leads Strong, Diverse Green Party Slate of Candidates Into November
12/05/03Green Party of California salutes Matt Gonzalez, looks to build on SF campaign successes in 2004
12/04/03Green Party of California Opposes Steve Westly's "Open Primary" Ballot Initiative
11/24/03GPCA Supports Striking Food Workers in California
11/21/03GPCA Endorses SB917, Code of Corporate Responsibility
09/24/03Long Advocated by Green Party of California, Domestic Partners Bill Finally Signed Into Law
09/19/03Camejo Declaration to Finish Recall Race, No Vote on Prop. 54 Highlight State Green Party Plenary in San Diego
09/04/03Surge of Interest in Camejo Campaign Signals Victory in 1st Gubernatorial Debate
08/14/03Green Party of California Joins Effort Against Prop. 54
08/14/03Green Party of California Endorses Peter Camejo for Governor in Recall Race
08/08/03Green Party of California Celebrates Confirmation of First Gay Episcopalian Bishop
07/01/03Green Party of California Hails Supreme Court Overturning of Texas Sodomy Law
06/30/03Green Party of California Sets Sights on 2004 - Dispels Myth of Democratic Candidate Support
05/16/03Green Party of California Backs SB921, Health Care for All Californians Act
05/16/03Green Party of California Backs SB335, Corporate Three Strikes Bill
05/09/03Green Party of California Calls for Expedited Resolution of Financial Allegations
05/08/03Green Party of California Neutral on Davis Recall
03/13/03Green Party of California Supports AB1039, the "Local Electoral Freedom" Bill
03/12/03Green Party of California Outraged at Supreme Court Decision on Three Strikes Law
01/10/03Green Party of California Joins in Peace Rallies Across State
01/09/03Green Party Member Matt Gonzalez Elected to Lead San Francisco Board of Supervisors
03/11/02Green Party of California Celebrates Election Reform Victory
09/11/01Greens Condemn the Violent Attacks on New York and Washington
01/31/01Green Party of California Weighs In With Energy Proposals


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