Why the Green Party Endorses Proposition 45

from the Green Party of Alameda County Voter Guide:

Proposition 45 - YES

Health insurance companies required to justify their rates to the public

Before commenting on Prop. 45, voters should know that Green Party members are advocates for an Improved Medicare for All – minus the insurance industry. We are working to achieve a comprehensive, coordinated and cost-effective insurance plan that pays for healthcare from one non-profit fund. In other countries with their versions of Medicare for All, the cost for healthcare is far lower than we pay and, they get better quality care. That said, we encourage you to vote yes on Prop. 45.

In 1988, voters approved Prop. 103 which allowed the California Insurance Commissioner to review and approve proposed auto and homeowner insurance rates before they take effect. Currently, the Insurance Commissioner is able to review proposed health insurance rates but has no authority to reject or approve rates. Prop. 45 gives the Commissioner that authority.

According to analysis by the Legislative Analyst, Prop. 45 "mainly applies to individual and small group health insurance – which covers roughly 6 million Californians or 16 percent of the population".

Proponents claim that drivers have saved more than $102 Billion since Prop. 103 was passed and that Prop. 45 will save Californians $200 million or more per year. They also note that 36 of 50 states have the authority to control health insurance rate hikes.

Opponents say that Prop. 45 gives one politician too much power and will create more costly bureaucracy. Proponents state that California's big health insurance companies have already contributed more than $25 million to defeat Prop. 45. Considering the projected consumer savings of $200 million per year, there may be much more contributed to the No on 45 campaign before November.

An initiative for an Improved Medicare for All may be on the ballot as soon as 2016. For Greens, the campaign to approve Prop. 45 gives us another opportunity to talk to voters about a better system of providing healthcare. If you believe that insurance company rates should be regulated, we hope you will also join us to move beyond Obamacare to an Improved Medicare for All. Everyone deserves quality healthcare that is affordable.