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Mandate Bush? I don't think so!

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53 million anti-Bush votes a different 'mandate'

by Liz Rose, Santa Cruz, California USA November 5, 2004, erosenews@sbcglobal.net

We, on the Left, need to keep a close eye on the latest GOP linguistic twist--the deadly word: MANDATE. Bush announced at the so called election victory: "America has spoken." Hidden translation: Now that Rove n' Co. has manipulated the necessary voting numbers behind them, they will go a step further to say THE PEOPLE are asking for and further legitimizing their neo-con agenda. Bush says, "It's like, I have gained political capital, and I intend to spend it." Well...what else is new? Bush spends, and spends and spends beyond anything to spend in the first place. Bush says, "I look forward to working with everyone who supports my goals." This is his best answer to unifying a divided nation? In other words, we are hearing a second term of: "You are either with us or against us."

Let us pause and breath...First of all, the People have spoken alright. And at least 53+ million, half of the population of registered voters are saying: We the People fire George W. Bush for despicable incompetence. And out of that 53 million+ another sizable group with years of research and study is yelling: "You stole the first election and committed so many crimes while in office that regardless of how you think you "earned political capital" by the people, YOU HAVE NO FURTHER BUSINESS AS IMPOSTOR-IN-CHIEF.

A MANDATE. George W. Bush insists. What MANDATE might that be? Project for the New American Century, PNAC? Privatization of everything and corporate ownership by the elite who have had most of life handed to them on a platter? What else might that MANDATE be? Writing discrimination against gay and lesbian citizens into the Constitution? Taking away a women's right to choose? Only a mere oxymoron to the core of American Independence always won by dissent, but never mind, because the Moral Majority cannot fathom what that means. Let's keep going. MANDATE: Spreading "Democracy"--that is, American Right-Winged Imperialism all over the world by preemptive war after war. And this is what the Right Wingers brag about as their sacred MORALS AND VALUES? Just like the gentleman of MORALITY from Ohio, who said tonight on NPR, "I voted for Bush because he stands for values and morals: he opposes partial birth abortion and is for the ban on gay marriage. I mean, I don't care if people choose to be homosexuals, but I don't want their business in my face, especially since it's against the Will of God", he says. Well...so much for awareness and education. I guess this MORAL gentleman has yet to learn that homosexuals do NOT choose to be gay or lesbian--because they are perfectly born that way BY GOD'S WILL.

So, Bush and rabid right-wingers once again, want to sweep aside the other 53 million PLUS people as a silent minority, in a country that founded its principles on the aspiration to tolerating diversity, lifestyles, choice of belief systems, and the expression of that, for MINORITY voice as well. This is what "freedom and justice for all" meant in the days of intellectual development. For those who exclude the intellect as "something unholy, lacking in values and morals", perhaps they could use some serious tutoring to realize that the critical origin of our Declaration of Independence took a lot of combined intellectual and heart wisdom consideration. One would be required to study pre-American history and contemplate WHY rule by LAW was set up by our Constitutional framers. And, of course, that takes a certain but basic capacity to begin with, which I fear is missing in a lot of Americans today.

Under the past four years of a toxic, oppressive atmosphere of fear and intimidation of "the war on terror", under Karl Rove's subversive merging of church and state to rally the brainwashed populations, one has to ask, WHO out of that other 50+ million who voted for Bush actually voted, not only with their hearts, but with their minds? Who voted with an educated voice that was free of fear, free of misalignment with their perceived Messiah or Messenger of God? Who out of this Bush-voter population understood that election night is a civil event for the benefit of all, not a prayer meeting of weak-willed, God-blaming interest groups who pray for close-minded specifics at their wish-fulfilling tree? But, do some Americans know the difference anymore? The demolished Ralph Nader was actually given a moment of air time on CNN yesterday to say: "Americans are NOT doing their homework if they are voting for this miserable George Bush who turns his back on the middle class and feeds the corporate-owned machine." Now, I don't have much sympathy for Ralph these days, after he had no problem accepting the backing of the GOP to get on state ballots. However, he is still an expert in regards to corporate scandal, and he is correct in saying: Americans are not doing their homework. That is a polite way of putting it, Mr. Nader. And, this point of failure on civic homework has been a critical part left out of the ongoing media discussions of "What did the Democrats do wrong?" While there are definite errors to contemplate and discuss from the recent Democratic campaign, Democrats and Progressives have NOTHING to apologize for. We also did a lot of things right. However, there is a huge wild card factor which Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, and even Republicans against Bush tried to address: Getting the facts and resources out to encourage voters to become informed. How does one update and educate the uneducated, the stubborn, the apathetic and the brainwashed? It cannot be done over night, if done at all. So, if voters are uninformed, basing their vote on propagandized perceptions that a presidential leader is good enough for Commander-In-Chief because he appears principled, to have good family values and prays to Jesus, or if because he is the kind of guy, they say, you want to sit down and have a beer with, then I don't accept that as America speaking with any sort of presence of mind that deserves serious consideration, less interpreted into a MANDATE of all things. Rather, it is AmeriKKKa, in all of its foolishness speaking.

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