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Green Election Highlights: Significant Wins in California

In this issue:

National Green Candidates Ran Against All The Odds
Mountain View City Council Race A Squeaker for First-Time Candidate
Pioneering California Green Officeholder to Step Down After Twelve Years
Green Congressional Candidates Make a StatementAgainst the War, for Civil Rights on Nov. 2
Green Election Highlights: Significant Wins in California
Questionable Green Party Image Presented To Voters
Mandate Bush? I don't think so!
Defeat of prop 62 Opens Door to Green Electoral Reform Alternatives
Greens hold on to S.F. District 5 supervisor's seat
Tough and Tenacious: Taking Voting Rights Issues to the Supreme Court?
Nepal: On A Green Path to Democracy
Benefits Abound Through Precinct Walking
Reframing the Political Debate
Winter 2004 Cartoons

By Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, Green Party of the United States

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party announced several victories in the 2004 election, especially incumbents for state, county, and municipal office. The party also congratulated national nominees David Cobb and Pat LaMarche for running in a difficult election year.

"We are immensely proud and grateful to Dave and Pat for carrying the Green Party's banner, for running on our platform, and especially for using their campaign to promote our state and local Green candidates," said Greg Gerritt, secretary of the Green Party of the United States. "David Cobb and Pat LaMarche urged voters to vote Green, register Green, and support the growth of America's noncorporate, independent party. President Bush will likely use his reelection as a mandate to push his agenda further -- and Greens will lead the opposition and offer solutions for a better world for all of us."

Some election results:

  • John Eder was returned to the Maine Statehousewith about 55% of the vote in a three-way race.Democrats in Maine had tried to weaken Mr. Ederby redrawing district lines.
  • Greens retain city council majority inSebastopol, California, after winning two of twoseats (incumbent Craig Litwin, incumbent; SamPierce) to retain three out of five seats.
  • Colorado County Commissioner Art Goodtimes wasreelected to a third term in a partisan,three-way race with 50.7%.
  • Mark Sanchez is now the first Green in SanFrancisco to be re-elected, finishing third outof twelve for four seats on the Board ofEducation.
  • San Francisco Green Ross Mirkarimi wonhis seat in an Instant Runoff Votingelection to replace Green Supervisor MattGonzalez. "Greens in California are enormouslyproud that IRV was implemented in San Francisco,"said Peggy Lewis, California Green and co-chairof the national party.

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