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Questionable Green Party Image Presented To Voters

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Questionable Green Party Image Presented To Voters
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by Gary A. Jordon, Palmdale California

As the November 2, 2004 election comes to a close I cannot help but wonder how we will grow our party or have significant success for our cause of democracy and a genuine market economy where the little guy has a real chance. The reason I feel that we have a horribly long way to go is we have primarily addressed the liberal side of our current two party system. The conservative side has been largely ignored. I admit it is much harder but if we don't we will miss out on many people who would otherwise be on our side and our genuinely decent people.

One of the problems most conservatives have with such notions as our is a proper distrust for big government and the problem of funding of various program. As well as, accountability for the actions of those in charge. I've many examples of consultants and the like who get over $100,000 a year for just showing up for a couple of hours a month. We don't need such waste.

Another problem is I've heard is that some smaller firms are either considering or have been incorporated as a means to protect themselves and their families from lose of their homes should someone sue them. We currently do have a genuinely problem with lawsuits especially here in LA county. The question I hear is why do people have to sue to either get money or to avoid being responsible for their actions. Take the truck drivers in bobtails and tractor trailers, these people just to get their licenses must demonstrate not just the ability to drive but all the hows and why of their vehicles functions (time required for braking and the workings of their equipment). so when a passenger car cuts them off they the truck driver and company are sued but the passenger car driver does not bear the consequences of their choices.

Lastly, when comes to social services they feel that the recipients aren't required to participate in their community. welfare is just a handout and a way of life that doesn't entail getting off the sofa and doing constructive work. So while we focus on corporate handouts the conservatives focus on personal handouts.

As a result many conservatives will just look at us as another bunch of big government liberals the same as any Democrat. So consider this article as the republican counties and districts of California are not hearing our message of democracy, environmental viability, and social justice/work for all citizen of our beautiful state

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