General Assembly Planning Committee (Agenda Committee) archive

Original Proposal "Formation of a permanent Agenda Committee"
(as approved by the GPCA-CC at its 7/7/03 monthly teleconference)

The Agenda Committee will be responsible for (in chronological order from the conclusion of a General Assembly):

++ Post-plenary report.
The primary purpose of this report is to notify Locals of the date and location of the next meeting, provide the agenda submittal deadline, describe the agenda submittal process, and (when possible) list a summary of decisions from the concluded meeting. This should be within a week after the meeting.
++ Meeting minutes.
Follow-up with the host committee and/or notetakers to ensure the minutes are completed. This should be within two weeks after the meeting. (Some concern about whether or not this can really be done in two weeks.) Quality of the minutes also becomes an issue occasionally. Hiring a dictation professional, or taping the meetings and hiring a transcriber are possibilities.

Revised Proposal 
(as approved by consensus by the GPCA-CC at its 1/9/06 monthly teleconference)

Agcom is currently an ad hoc committee and shall remain so until the next GA. The bylaws committee shall prepare the appropriate bylaws to reflect agcom's new mandate and structure as a special standing committee, reporting directly to the GPCA-CC, and serving at the CC's discretion (ie bylaws section 6-1.4 shall be extended to allow agcom to have as many as 12 members and its specific rotation schedule). The appropriate bylaws alterations necessary to support any changes in the existing agcom structure, role, etc, shall be presented to the GA-plenary, for approval or denial, at the next GA. 

Agcom shall be composed of 8 - 12 members, serving no more than 2 years each, with 25% elected at 6 month intervals, or immediately after the GA date nearest to June 30th. (The current agcom members shall decide amongst themselves who will be replaced and will begin the rotation cycle in 12 months, ie Jan. 2007...) 

Agcom shall be charged with the tasks and supervision of all planning and preparations necessary for conducting the GPCA's General Assemblies, retreats, and gatherings. Agcom's deliberations and decisions shall be subject to the oversite and approval of the GPCA-CC where necessary. 

Past members

Michael Feinstein (appointed 7/10/06 )
Magali Offerman (appointed 7/10/06)
Jada Salamatian (appointed 7/10/06)
Paul Franklin (appointed 1/9/06)
Tim Smith (appointed 1/9/06)
Laura Wells (appointed 1/9/06)