Bruce Delgado

City of Marina

Bruce Delgado was just re-elected to his second term as Mayor or Marina.  He ran again to continue:

to progress toward making the budget more understandable and fiscally responsible.
inspiring people of all perspectives to share their input at city council meeting by ensuring a friendlier and more responsive City Council meeting atmosphere
to progress toward integrating Marina with CSUMB and becoming more of a university town as a vision for our economic and social future.
to progress toward rapid transit coming to Marina to help modernize our downtown and which will attract millions of dollars of private transit oriented development.
to keep the door open to mobile home rent stabilization, and CSUMB east campus annexation
to bring a positive image about Marina to the rest of the surrounding region, and making it more fun for all age groups which in turn will help our economy.
to continue supporting downtown businesses with promotional efforts such as the recent US Open banner program and the business passport program which brought new customers to local businesses through the July 4th Street Fair and the Otter Fest 2010.
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