Dana Silvernale

Member, Board of Trustees
N Humboldt Union High School District

I began my career twenty years ago in an on-site school for severely emotionally disturbed adolescent boys in residential treatment. I have since worked with children from all walks of life, at every grade and ability level, and in both regular and special education classes. I am currently a Resource Specialist, teaching special education students in Mattole Valley Charter School's Independent Study program. Several of my former students are now enrolled in Northern Humboldt High Schools.

I became a teacher because I wanted to make education relevant and meaningful for my students. I went into special education to help those who struggle to gain the skills they need to succeed. I soon became aware of how challenging those goals are. Teachers cannot meet them alone. The adage, "It takes a village to raise a child," is all too true.
The School Board serves as a vital link between school and the community. As a teacher, I can bring greater understanding of the needs of teachers and students to the decision-making process. With the budget crisis, times are hard for California schools. Our classrooms are becoming overcrowded and we have had to cut back on support staff and services. In spite of those challenges, I believe we can come together as a community, that with creativity and cooperation, we can find practical solutions. I want to be a part of that process.