Vahé Peroomian

Member, Board of Trustees
Glendale Community College District
Los Angeles

Dr. Vahé Peroomian is a 32-year resident of Glendale and was first appointed as a Glendale Community College Trustee in June, 2005, chosen from a field of 16 candidates.  He was reelected to the Board in April, 2007 and then again in April, 2011 and has served as Board President.

Dr. Peroomian became a Green during the time of the 2000 election, because he felt that "neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are properly serving our people. Many of my beliefs are exactly those advocated by the Green Party, including universal health care, social justice, and living wages."

Dr. Peroomian is an advocate of increasing student graduation/transfer rates, lowering textbook costs, partnerships with community organizations, and online education. Due to his invaluable knowledge in large-scale school construction, Dr. Peroomian was entrusted by his co-trustees to guide a task force for the new Garfield Campus building, ensuring it was design-built to LEED Green Building standards.

Dr. Peroomian is also a research scientist specializing in magnetospheric physics and space weather at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at UCLA, with funding from NASA and the National Science Foundation. Dr. Peroomian holds a Ph.D. in Physics from UCLA, where he also received his bachelors and masters degrees, also in physics. He also been an educator for over 26 years and currently teaches lower-division physics and astronomy courses at UCLA, and has earned the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy Outstanding Teaching Award for every academic year that he has taught. He is also a faculty member at University of Phoenix, Online campus, where he has taught for the last 10 years.

When Board President, in collaboration with his co-trustees, Peroomian launched the Verdugo Power Academy, a hallmark of success as a collaborative vocational education in Glenade. During his presidency, GCC was the only California college to receive accreditation commendation for Leadership and Governance.

Vahé Peroomian, member Glendale Community College Board of Trustees
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Greening the campus - College Trustee advocates for environment and justice. Green Pages, newspaper of the Green Party of the United States. Summer 2007