Larry Bragman

Town Councilmember,
Town of Fairfax

Larry Bragman has served on the Fairfax Town Council since 2003 and has served two terms as Mayor.

Larry is a tireless public servant.  He is the chair of the Ross Valley Paramedic Authority, a director of the Marin Telecommunications Authority, a board member of the Community Media Center of Marin, the Fairfax representative to the Transportation Authority of Marin and a member of the Fairfax Tree Committee and Affordable Housing Committee.
Larry has been practicing civil and criminal law since 1982.  He served as president of the Marin Trial Lawyers Association.
Larry lives in Fairfax with his wife, Holly Bragman, their two step-sons and dog, (NAME). Larry was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania and his law degree from University of San Francisco.
Here are a few of his accomplishments as an elected official.
Ordinances and Initiatives
1. Introduced and authored Fairfax's 2010 groundbreaking Smart Meter Moratorium which was awarded "Local Ordinance of the Year for 2010" by Public; 
2. Introduced and sponsored tobacco control ordinance protecting residents in multi unit housing 2011; 
3. Wrote and introduced Agenda Access ordinance which guarantees citizens the right to place items of local and national concern on the Town Council Agenda (2008);
4. Authored Fairfax Plastic bag ban passed by Fairfax voters in 2008; 
5. One of the primary authors of Measure B ballot initiative which was passed by Marin voters in 2004 banning GMO's from being cultivated in Marin County;
6. Introduced and wrote Fairfax Open Space Committee  Resolution 2003; 
7. Authored two successful ballot initiatives to preserve emergency and youth services in Fairfax 2005, 2010.
8. Sponsored and authored low income elderly and disabled cable television discount for Marin subscribers (2011); 
9. Negotiated an increase in traffic citation revenue shared by County of Marin for Town of Fairfax; 
10. Successfully lobbied for Non Motorized Transportation Pilot Program grants for pedestrian and bicycle improvements for Fairfax;
2. Public Access
3. Single Payer Health
4. CAL PERS Burma Divestment;
5. Divestment
6. Prop 16
7. Zero Waste;
Community Building
1. Launched the creation of the successful “Ecofest” (2004-2011)
2. Wrote and Introduced Fairfax’s “Feet First” Initiative (2006?)
3. Co-Produced the “Plays in the Park” (2002-2004?)
4. Created and fostered sister city relationship with the Nobel Prize nominee Peace Community in Colombia (2005-2011)
5. Co-sponsor of Fairfax’s Food Pantry (2011);
6. Initiated and sponsored first annual Fairfax brush clearing program; 
Smart Voter: